7 Perfect Salad Fruit Cutters

Salad, vegetable and fruit cutters make eating healthy food more fun! Also referred to as slicers, dicers, and choppers, not only do they do a great job, but they are also versatile and multi-functional and can often be used for vegetables and cheese. Using cutters not only saves time, but will produce consistent slices, decorative cuts, and minimise wastage.

fruit salad fruit cutters

List of perfect salad fruit cutters

Things to consider before buying salad fruit cutters

Type of cutter

Although many fruit and vegetable cutters are labelled ‘all-purpose’ as they can produce a variety of cuts, some are more specific and designed to cut or slice only one product. Consider how you want to use the product before buying..

Size and volume

Size is an important consideration when choosing salad fruit cutters. A variety of machines slice, dice, wedge, or chop products in a range of sizes whilst others are designed for one job such as a fruit and vegetable corer. When choosing your perfect cutter it is important to know how often you will use the gadget and for what.

Overview of perfect salad and fruit cutters

Laxizar Vegetable Cutter Shapes Set Mini Sizes Cookie Cutters Set Fruit Cookie Stamps Mould

8 pieces of mini size cutters including a flower, rabbit, circle, five-pointed star, and heart-shape will make salads, cookies and desserts look better! The cutters are made of stainless steel and plastic and are safe to use. Because of their small size it is sometimes difficult to push the fruit out of the mould but it still serves its purpose and children will be keen to help prepare food whilst making the food look great!

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OXO Tot Grape Cutter, Navy

We would never have considered this grape cutter, but with more than 11000 sold and reviewed on Amazon at the time of writing, it is a much appreciated gadget. It works perfectly for most seedless grapes and grape tomatoes. The serrated blades slice easily through the fruit skins and cut it into quarters quickly, and safely. It is easy to hold while cutting due to its soft, non-slip plunger and curved finger rests. All pieces come apart for easy cleaning by hand wash.

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Luvan Grape Cutter for Toddlers, Grape Slicer for Baby, Grape Tomato Cherry Strawberry Cutter Tools Into 4 Pieces for Vegetable Fruit Salad

This is another grape cutter, which shows again how popular these are! It is suitable for most seedless grapes and cherry tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries and other fruits. Although it is described as being the perfect tool for cutting food for babies, it can also be used for cutting fruit or tomatoes.

This tool is durable and high-quality and safely cuts fruit into 4 small pieces. A gentle press with the thumb cuts the fruit and when finished it automatically contracts and returns to its original position. Its small size means it is convenient for storage and is portable. To clean, rinse directly under running water, or put it into the dishwasher.

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FireKylin Banana Slicer,ABS + Stainless Steel Fruit and Vegetable Salad Peeler Cutter Kitchen Tools For banana, Sausage, Strawberry,Grape(2 pcs)

It looks like banana slicers always come with 2 pieces! This gadget works like scissors and is easy to use and slices whole bananas in seconds. It can also be used to cut ham, sausages or strawberries. The stainless steel material will not rust and can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher, but we recommend washing this tool as soon as possible after use as food debris will become difficult to remove over time.

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MSC International Joie MSC Simply Slice Strawberry Slicer

Another gadget that we like is this strawberry slicer. It perfectly creates even strawberry slices and works best when using fruit that is still firm. Very ripe and soft strawberries might come out slightly mushy even with the razor sharp blades. This gadget is perfect for cutting strawberries to garnish cakes and other desserts. Please note hand washing is recommended as this tool is not dishwasher safe.

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VEVOR Commercial vegetable fruit Chopper w/ 4 Replacement Blades

This commercial model is great if you often need to chop fruit and vegetables for a large number of people. The four blades are sharp and cut fruits and vegetables in different sizes and shapes with a simple press of the ergonomic handle. This machine is very stable thanks to the four non-slip feet and maintenance is easy with removable blades and push block. 

Beriner Vegetable Slicer Green

A mandoline slicer can’t be missed from this list. We love it and although it doesn’t shape your fruit into a heart or a star, it will produce perfect slices. Also read our reviews about mandolines to see other options. 

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