5 Best Mini Food Processors for Easy Food Prep

We love our mini food processor and use it often as it is a great way to speed up food preparation. For home cooking, a mini food processor is more compact compared to the heavy-duty processors, but results are the same as it chops and mixes the same just in smaller batches. 

garlic sauce in mini food processor

Besides being a time saver for chopping, cutting, and mixing they are easily cleaned. There are many models available, from fully automatic to manual or cordless. The attachments and features will vary depending on the model selected. 

This overview will help you to choose which food processor is ideal for your kitchen.

List of best food processors

Things to consider before buying 


Most mini food processors have a capacity of 3 to 4.5 cups and are large enough to chop vegetables, grind spices, or make dips and dressings. It is important that the blade can reach all ingredients for equal chopping. A tight fitting lid is a must if you plan to mix vinaigrettes and sauces. 


The power of mini food processors varies between 200 to 400 watts. It should be enough when you process small batches. Stubborn or harder ingredients will mean loading less into your appliance to ensure good results.

Speed and features

Multiple features aren’t strictly necessary, but easy control buttons with pulse functions, and a low and high-speed option are convenient. Some models have a variety of blades for shredding and slicing besides those for chopping and mixing. The main role of your mini food processor is to make your life easier and to speed up food preparation. The appliance should be light, straightforward to use and clean, and compact enough to store.

Overview of best food processors

Best overall – Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus 4-Cup Food Processor

This Cuisinart Mini-Prep food processor will not disappoint and delivers what it promises as with other appliances from Cuisinart.  The 250 watt motor is powerful enough to manage any ingredient and will make batches of crust or dough without overheating. The blade is reversible and there are touch pad controls for chopping and grinding. The 4-cup bowl will easily make a recipe with up to one can of chickpeas. All detachable pieces are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. This processor comes with a spatula and recipe book.

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Hamilton Beach usually delivers good appliances for budget prices. This mini 3 cup food processor delivers the same and is perfect for making recipes in small batches. The stack and press design makes it easy to assemble and use. A little pressure on the lid activates the 350 watt motor and releasing it stops the motor. The motor is strong enough to chop all kinds of ingredients from onions to carrots and nuts. Besides chopping and puréeing it also has a built-in oil dispenser to make sauces and dressings without mess.

The bowl, lid and removable blades are all dishwasher safe, and the built-in cord will coil under the base for easy storage. The best part of this most popular, well working mini food processor is the price!

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Best versatile – Braun 4-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender, Powerful 350W Stainless Steel Stick Blender, + 2-Cup Food Processor

Is a hand operated blender a real food processor? Opinions will vary but this compact model is suitable for  tiny kitchens as it is a 4-in1 appliance with easy storage.

Even though the hand blender has a powerful 350 watt motor, it is extra light to hold. The click system for the blender onto the lid of the 2-cup bowl is easy and adds extra safety when using the processor. Extra accessories supplied include a whisk, beaker and masher. We have this model in our home due to limited space in our small kitchen and it works perfectly!

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Best manual – ZYLISS Easy Pull Food Chopper and Manual Food Processor

A manual chopper is perfect if you cook sporadically or plan to take it on outdoor trips. The blade in the bowl (which holds around 3 cups) activates when pulling the handle. This handle folds up on the top of the cover for compact storage. This environmentally friendly option is appealing to the eye, and a rubber suction pad underneath prevents it from slipping or damaging the kitchen countertop. Take note that the storage lid is cleaned only by wiping as water must not become trapped inside.

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Best cordless – Kitchec Electric Garlic Chopper, Portable Cordless Mini Food Processor

This rechargeable vegetable chopper is battery operated and has a USB charger. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge after which it can be used about 36 times. It is a powerful chopper, easy to operate with a one-click start or shutdown. All parts are waterproof for easy cleaning and the processor bowl is dishwasher safe.

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