4 Best Manual Vegetable Peelers

manual vegetable peelers

A manual vegetable peeler is only a small tool, and there are many peeler gadgets, but because we use it frequently it is important to get a good quality one. Vegetables come in different sizes, shapes and colours; some have a hard skin and others are soft, so a comfortable and well-designed peeler is helpful.  

List of best manual vegetable peelers

Things to consider before buying


There are peelers with straight blades, good for the regular fruits and vegetables such as potatoes and apples, serrated blades for food with softer skins such as peaches and plums. It’s also important to see whether a blade swivels or is stationary, whether it lets you peel in both directions or if you’ll have to hold it at a proper angle for it to grab the peel. Don’t forget to check the sharpness of the blade as it will influence how smooth and easily it peels your produce.


There are three types of materials used to make peelers with the most commonly being stainless steel. They usually stay sharp but can be sharpened like knives if needed. Carbon steel blades are razor sharp but need more care or they rust easily. Ceramic blades are sharp but easier to break.


Choose a non-slip handle and one that feels comfortable to use. There are two kinds of peelers when it comes to the handles. One has the blade in line with the handle and the second model has a Y shape with the blade across. Both are effective but depend on your personal preference.

Overview of best manual vegetable peelers

Best overall – Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler

This all-purpose Y peeler features a razor-sharp straight carbon steel blade to maximize smooth use and minimize wastage. We have a multitude of peelers but this is our go-to for most peeling tasks. It’s comfortable and light to hold and it is for left and right-handed use. It is durable and has a built-in potato-eye remover, so there’s no need to reach for a knife. The Kuhn Rikon peeler is dishwasher safe but we recommend, as with all knives and blades, to wash by hand and dry well before storing. It can be purchased individually or in a set of 3 peelers. 

Best swivel peeler – OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler 

With over 30,000 ratings and an almost perfect score, this swivel peeler is by far the most popular! The swivelling razor sharp twin blades are flexible for easy peeling in both directions for tough-skinned fruits and vegetables. The handle is soft and comfortable with a non-slip grip. There is also a built-in potato-eye remover 

Best multi-Blade – Precision Kitchenware Dual Julienne & Vegetable Peeler

The ultra-sharp stainless-steel blades can handle even the hard skin of pumpkins. On the other side is a julienne blade to make vegetable noodles and ribbons, but it only works well for the softer vegetables such as zucchini and in small batches. It is the ideal tool for small kitchens with little storage. It’s the only model in our list that comes with a brush and safety guard. The company’s warranty and service are great; they give a full refund or replacement if there is any issue. 

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Best ceramic – Kyocera Ceramic Y Peeler 

The advantage of ceramic blades is that they won’t rust or corrode or alter the taste and flavour of the foods you peel. The swivelling blade is ultra-sharp and the eye corers are on both sides of the ergonomic handle.

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