How useful is a 7-blade spiralizer?

Whether you’re on a diet or not, spiralized vegetables look better and are more attractive to eat than the traditionally prepared vegetables. This gadget helps to present our cooking more attractively and imaginatively.

If you are new to spiralizing though, a good spiralizer is your first step and because of their popularity, we decided to have a closer look at the spiralizers on the market. There are manual and electric versions available, but we prefer the manual versions. After looking at a variety and taking into consideration price and quality there is only 1 model we like. Here are the details.  

What is a spiralizer?

A spiralizer is a kitchen gadget used for turning vegetables, such as zucchinis, potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, parsnips, and beetroots, into noodle-like strings which can be used as an alternative for pasta.

The vegetables run through a set of blades which turns them into noodles. It has been said that kids are eating more veggies because spiralizing makes these healthy options more attractive.

Due to the compact size and easy handling of the spiralizer and the healthier outcomes , this gadget is a wise investment if you want to be part of the spiralizing generation.

What to Look for in a Spiralizer

Stability of the machine

A spiralizer needs to be stable on your kitchen tabletop to keep it safe as there are sharp blades involved. Most of them rely on a system of suction cups. They shouldn’t dislodge during use but you should still be able to remove them after the work is finished. The weight of the base is also important as when too small or too light they will feel off balance in comparison to heavier spiralizers which feel more stable.

Spiralizing options

Most spiralizers offer multiple cutting options for a variety of spirals, as well as ribbon cuts. Look for models that offer the most options and have sharp blades which make spiralizing effortless, even for tough veggies like carrots and beets.

Cleaning options

Food will get caught in the holes of the blades. Hand-washing with a small brush needs to be easy. Although most can be tossed in the dishwasher, we don’t recommend this as it might make the blades unsharp.

What dishes to prepare with a spiralizer?

You may not replace pasta completely, but you will enjoy more healthy varieties of veggies when using a spiralizer. It is a way to diversify your menu and the foods you eat and make mealtimes more exciting.

After a long day at work it is fast to turn your veggies into spirals and the cooking process is shorter.

You will be aware that we recently started this blog and up to now we have only shared 1 veggie noodle dish but watch this space as there will be many more. Meanwhile, get inspired with this new way of cooking, Inspiralize everything is a book with plenty of ideas and recipes for your spiralized ingredients.

Brieftons 7-Blade Spiralizer

7 blade spiralizer

Our spiralizer is at least 5 years old and it travelled with us from the Middle East. We didn’t find the exact same version as outlined above but we consider the Brieftons to be the most comprehensive vegetable spiralizer and it has more blades than ours. 

It has everything you need to invent exciting new dishes from everyday veggies. This machine is sturdy, heavy duty, a quality product, and easy to use. We are using affiliate links, this will however not affect the prices.

The 7 ultra-sharp stainless-steel blades might initially make choosing your blade tricky, but you will be able to present the veggies in many ways and will soon get used to the blade choices. The storage tray helps to catch the spiralized veggies and acts as a convenient holder for the machine.

All components come apart easily for quick cleaning, and everything fits together as a compact kit to store away neatly.


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Seven different blades
  • Comes with a bonus recipe e-book
  • Self-contained blade storage


  • Slightly expensive


  1. These tools have always kind of intimidated me with all their parts and sharp bits. Thanks for breaking it down and making it seem approachable in this post!

    1. It is a real fun gadget to add some twists to the way of cooking.

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