Vegetable Spaghetti for Kids

Do you have a house full of pasta lovers? Young and old in our family love it and we have pasta, one way or another, at least once a week.

spaghetti for kids with ratatouille

For this recipe we use a finely cut vegetable ratatouille which we have frozen from the last batch we made. We boiled spaghetti et voilà, a quick weeknight dinner is reality!

We are lucky not to have picky eaters at home but this spaghetti for kids is the solutions to make your kids eat hidden vegetables or if they are still learning to appreciate them.

  • Blend the ratatouille and make it into a silky-smooth tomato sauce.
  • Only use vegetables which you are sure your kids know.
  • Make it an experience and let them help while you prepare the meal.
  • Make fresh pasta together with the kids, a fun cooking experience will make them appreciate the work more.
  • Presentation is important and the type of pasta can be a deciding factor for your kids.
  • Last but not least, keep trying! Most kids learn to love vegetables sooner or later.

Prepare your ratatouille or vegetable stew and get some spaghetti ready!

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