A Light Jolly Jaunt through an Old Fashion Christmas Retrospective

Scene depicting an old fashion ChristmasChristmas! The mere mention of this festive holiday brings about thoughts of twinkling candles, the sweet aroma of baked goods, and the harmonious sound of carollers singing. The air is filled with the delightful scents of pine, cinnamon, and roasting chestnuts, creating an atmosphere of warmth and cheer.

And with that lovely imagery in our heads, let’s take a nostalgic sleigh ride back in time to explore the charm and warmth of an old fashion Christmas.

In earlier times, Christmas was for joy and togetherness, without the commercial hustle and bustle of modern times. The holiday season was eagerly anticipated, with families and communities coming together to celebrate love, peace, and goodwill.

Old fashioned traditions

Decorating the home was a fun and proud tradition, as families adorned their houses with handmade ornaments, wreaths, and garlands. The Christmas tree, a symbol of everlasting life, was lovingly decorated with candles, ribbons, paper chains, and popcorn strings. The glow of the candles illuminated the faces of young and old alike, reflecting the awe and wonder of the season. This was truly the scene of the old fashion Christmas!

Savory Christmas treats

The culinary delights of an old-fashioned Christmas were the supreme highlight of the occasion. Kitchens were abuzz with the preparation of sumptuous feasts, featuring roasted meats, savoury pies, and an array of delectable sides. Lamb, rabbit and duck were often on the holiday table.

Depending on where the family lived, turkey was one of the holiday treats, too.
To find out how to safely cook and thaw your turkey, you will want to read our guide here.

The air permeated with the delicious scent of baked goods like mince pies, gingerbread, and plum pudding, all made from scratch with love and care. Families gathered around the table, sharing stories, while enjoying their delicious homemade fare. Fancy pickles were preserved and sweetly flavoured for the holiday season. Of course, the children loved using the little tongs to pick out their pickles from the serving dish.

And talking about gingerbread, you won’t want to miss our recipe for Christmas gingerbread cake with lemon topping. It looks beautiful and tastes lovely!

Old fashioned gifts

Gift-giving was a thoughtful and heartfelt practice. Presents were often handmade, crafted with love, and focused on the personal touch. Knitted scarves, wooden toys, and baked goods were wrapped in simple, yet elegant, brown paper and tied with colourful ribbons.

One of the items that made an excellent gift was Christmas kitchen towels. Believe it or not, there was a time when ladies made their own linens. Christmas towels were made with beautiful embroidered stitches, as well, as delicate lace. There is no doubt that when another lady received this as a gift, she would be quite appreciative and honoured.

Christmas cookie cutters were another thoughtful gift for ladies. They would be made at the blacksmiths and were equally appreciated as the towels. As times changed a little, the woman of the household wanted to create different things to show on their Christmas tables. The cookie cutters let them showcase their skills.

These chocolate sandwich cookies would have been a spectacular addition to the festive season! Can you imagine the delight at receiving them as a gift?

The family advent calendar is an old tradition dating back to the 1800s. It would have been the height of excitement to be allowed a sweet treat everyday until Christmas.

Another example of old fashioned Christmas gifts is chocolate. Whether you made your own special items like mendiants or intricate truffles, chocolate was something that was a true luxury back then.

If there was a chocolatier in town, you could buy the pieces that you wanted to give as a gift. They would be boxed up or put in appropriate paper bags. Small chocolate gift boxes would have been given to the dearest of friends and family.

An old fashion Christmas meant old fashioned gifts. Everything that everyone loved to receive. A joyous occasion, indeed!

Christmas Carolling

Old fashion Christmas carollersCarolling was a beloved tradition when you reminisce about an old fashion Christmas. Groups of merry singers traversed the snowy streets, spreading cheer with their harmonious renditions of classic Christmas carols.

The sound of “Silent Night” and “O Holy Night” resonated through the crisp winter air, warming the hearts of listeners.

The carollers might be rewarded with a piece of shortbread or another culinary treasure. A well-deserved and warming beverage may also have been offered.

Traditional Christmas Eve Visit

In past eras, children did not receive lots of presents, but they were equally enchanted with the idea that Saint Nicholas, Santa Claus, or Father Christmas would come to their homes. They dutifully hung their stockings by the fire or placed them on the ends of their beds eagerly awaiting the lovely treats on Christmas morning.

Old Fashioned Christmas

The traditions of an old fashion Christmas continue to attract many individuals, as they capture the essence of joy, love, and togetherness. The simplicity and authenticity of the celebrations of yore evoke a sense of nostalgia and longing for a time when life was less complicated, and the holiday season was more about the spirit of giving and the joy of being with loved ones.

Final Thought on an Old Fashion Christmas

As we remember the traditions of an old fashion Christmas, we often feel a sense of peace, warmth, and contentment. It reminds us to slow down just a little, and helps us appreciate the simpler things in our lives.

So, this Christmas, let’s deck the halls with handmade decorations, savour the delicious homemade cooking and baking, sing carols with joy and fervour, exchange thoughtful homemade gifts, and reflect on what is joyful about traditions and the old times.

Let’s create memories filled with love, laughter, and cheer, and carry the timeless essence of an old fashion Christmas in our hearts, spreading the magic of the season to one and all.

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