Best Small Serving Tongs Available on the Market

Small serving tongs are compact in size, perfect for grabbing tiny food items such as pickles or olives from jars, and great for serving appetisers, desserts, and other small items.

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Although not a vital tool in the kitchen, these smart mini tongs are handy and will be useful in many ways. We already had an article about kitchen tongs and this time we have prepared an overview of small serving tongs for serving as well as for cooking.

List of best small serving tongs

Things to consider before buying small serving tongs 

Size and length

From 3 inch mini tongs to those no not longer than 7 inches (17cm) are useful for removing food from small jars, or for picking up small food items. Consider how far you need to reach before deciding on the perfect length.

Comfort and grip

Ergonomic handles with silicone or other non-slip material provide a comfortable grip. The shape and design might also influence the hold on foods. Serrated or scalloped tips will hold some items more easily than tongs with flat or rounded tips.

Material and mechanism

Stainless steel, bamboo, silicone, or plastic are the available materials. We recommend checking and ensuring they are heat-resistant to high temperatures if they are used to serve hot dishes, or for cooking. Having tongs with a locking mechanism makes for easier and neat storage.

Overview of small serving tongs

Most versatile – Mini Appetizer Tongs Stainless Steel Set of 4, MSY BIGSUNNY

These shiny gold plated tongs don’t just look pretty but they can be used for serving appetisers, meat, bread, salads, cookies and more. They are easy to grip and have a lot of spring to them while being lightweight, however, there is no closing mechanism which makes neat storage challenging. 

Best Bamboo – 240 Pcs Mini Bamboo Tongs Disposable Small Wooden Toaster Tongs

There are 240 pieces of disposable, sturdy mini bamboo tongs in this package. There is surely a sufficient quantity of these disposable, sturdy mini tongs in the package. They have multiple uses and can hold vegetables, bread rolls, candies, and biscuits. Due to their small size (12 cm/4 inches) they can easily be used for art and craft projects too.

Best silicone – 7 Pack Kitchen Tongs Set 7-Inch Color Mini Small Food Tongs

This set of mini serving tongs are made of quality food grade nylon and heat-resistant silicone. The hanging loop is also the locking mechanism, and can even be adjusted to different widths. These tongs add colour to a buffet, and are great to use in the kitchen. The colour coding can be utilised to avoid cross contamination.

Best plastic – 10 Pcs Plastic Serving Tongs, Pletpet 6.3 Inch Clear Plastic Tongs Mini Serving Utensils

We are not generally fans of plastic for obvious reasons, but these serving tongs are made of high-quality clear plastic, which firmly clamps food and does not bend or break easily meaning they can be reused! The zigzag tong design makes for easy clamping and holding of small food items. These mini tongs are widely used in cafeterias, bars, and will be useful at home during  tea parties, or garden feasts.

Best classic design – 3PCS Mini Serving Tongs, 4Inch Rose Stainless Steel Sugar Cube Tongs

We just love the classic rose design of these! After receiving them, we thought they looked a little cheap, but they are sturdy enough and get the job done. Because they are tiny we find them perfect to grab sugar and ice cubes or small candies and bakery items. They are inexpensive too which make them a great choice!

Best for cooking – Serving Tongs Kitchen Tongs, Buffet Tongs, Stainless Steel

These are the longest on this list but small kitchen tongs can surely be handy. Perfect for serving a variety of foods at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The only downside are the non polished edges which leave a sharp side on the inside, so be careful not to cut yourself. As with most tongs, they are dishwasher safe

Best seasonal – OIULO 3PCS Christmas Silicone Mini Tongs, 7 Inch Christmas Style Tongs

Do we really need seasonal tongs? The answer is no, but if you love the holiday season you will love the Christmas design of these 3 silicone tongs. As with the other silicone tongs on this list they have a locking mechanism that locks when pulling the ring on top and unlocks when pushing it. Once locked it is space saving and can be hung with the hanging loop or put in a kitchen drawer. The handle is cushioned with silicone to ensure good grip and control. These tongs are dishwasher safe and heat resistant up to 480°F / 249°C.

How to use mini serving tongs?

Mini serving tongs can be used as small buffet tongs or appetiser tongs. Some are especially designed for serving food and others have a more specific use such as serving ice. When using them to serve food, we usually use the slightly longer tongs with a larger grip, but here is an overview on how to use these small tongs.

serving tongs in kitchen
  • Buffets – the largest size of small tongs are great to serve salad, pasta and desserts. They are usually a little longer to offer enough reach.
  • Barbecue – you definitely need heat-resistance tools when grilling. Small tongs might not be the best choice while cooking, but they can be helpful after grilling to serve small items such as corn on the cob or chicken wings.
  • Bread and bakery – in most bakeries, small tongs are used to grip fresh rolls, croissants, cake slices, or other pastry items.
  • Charcuterie and cheese – 3-inch mini tongs are the perfect size for serving slices of ham and cheese as well as accompaniments of fruit and nuts.
  • Ice – we all know the tiny tongs can be used to serve ice. Some are made to clip on the glass or ice bucket when not in use.

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