10 Essential BBQ Tools and Accessories at Affordable Prices

It’s almost summer, meaning it’s time to prepare for the ultimate grilling season! 

We are already imagining the sizzling sounds and the smell of grilled prawns or lamb skewers. Cook everything to perfection by using the right tools and accessories and have a hassle free grilling experience.

BBQ tools

There are essential tools for different grill sessions and foods, and other available accessories depending on your type of barbecue. We prefer sturdy, durable equipment and have listed a variety of reliable BBQ tools and accessories at affordable prices.

Get your barbecue ready, brush up your grill master skills, invite your friends, and start the party! 

1. Chimney starter

If you are using charcoal, starting a fire is easy and efficient when using a chimney. Simply place paper at the bottom and top up with the coals. There is no need to use lighter fluid as the fire will rise and light the charcoal. Choose a chimney with enough capacity to light enough coals for the size of your barbecue.

2. Tongs

A sturdy pair of tongs is crucial and practical. They should be light and comfortable to hold and have enough grip for easy control. Choose the longest pair possible to keep your hands safe and far away from the heat while turning the steaks or fish on the grill. Sturdy tongs will prevent piercing the food and the releasing of food juices causing a fire flare up. The tongs of our choice are dishwasher safe and they have a locking clip as well as a hanging loop for easy storage.

3. Spatulas

Grill spatulas should have similar qualities as tongs. Having a certain length is important to avoid burns and although we support lightweight tools, a spatula should be strong enough with enough leverage for lifting when flipping burgers or fish.  

4. Grill set

Grill sets are usually great value for money, and they usually contain at least one pair of tongs and a spatula. This set has an additional strong barbecue fork and a silicone basting brush which is handy to apply marinades during grilling. A valuable set for all your indoor and outdoor grill parties.

5. Grill brush and scraper

A clean grill is the start of making good food at your next barbecue. Besides, cleaning and maintaining your grill, cleaning will extend its life and enhance the grilling experience. The grates should be brushed and scraped after every use to optimise flavours and cooking. Clean grates will leave clear grill marks, avoid fire flare ups and sticking of food.  The soft and durable handle of this brush has a good grip, three times more bristles than a traditional barbecue grill brush, but still quite sharp and strong with enough lateral flex to reach more areas of your grill. The scraper helps remove stubborn residual food without leaving scratches.

6. Oil grill spray

A reusable oil sprayer and mister bottle is convenient when grilling. Having a set of 2 sprayers allows you to use flavoured oils for different foods on the grill. Besides being practical and safe, using an oil sprayer is also healthy and economical. This non-aerosol sprayer doesn’t use chemical propellants, and it’s refillable.

7. Grill thermometer

A meat thermometer will guarantee correctly grilled food and it helps to maintain food safety. It can be used during daily cooking to evaluate the doneness of a steak or Sunday roast. Thermo Pro has multiple worthy thermometers and this reliable TP-16 model comes with a clear backlit display, perfect for evening parties, and a probe for accurate reading of larger pieces of food. If you are a fan of technological gadgets, the Smart Meat Thermometer with Bluetooth is popular with almost twenty thousand positive reviews on Amazon. This wireless device can be connected to your phone and has a built-in advanced estimator algorithm which even tells you how long to cook and rest your food.

8. Grill baskets and mats

Grilling vegetables or smaller food items can be tricky. A grill basket or mat keeps the grilling process going as they let the heat go through, but the food won’t slip through the grates. It’s guaranteed to be easier to grill with these and you probably will never organise another barbecue without these props. Grill bags are used in a similar way and equally popular.

9. BBQ skewers

Metal barbecue skewers are inexpensive and reusable which makes them more eco-friendly compared to bamboo skewers. They come in different lengths depending on how much meat and vegetables you choose to skewer. However, choosing extendable skewers allows you to place the handles outside of the main grilling area. The handle is comfortable to hold and easy to use with food tongs.

10. Basting brush

Silicone pastry brushes are long lasting and they are easy to clean. Because the sauce or marinade doesn’t stick onto the brush it is easy to use for basting or coating your food with an additional layer of flavour during grilling. This set has 4 brushes, with the largest having an extra-long handle, perfect for grilling and keeping your hands away from heat.

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