Explore the 7 Best Grilling Gloves for Ultimate Heat Protection

Grilling gloves are the essential safeguard for culinary BBQ enthusiasts. Crafted from top-tier materials, grilling gloves blend style, safety and durability ensuring precision protection for hands. Some chefs cook without them, but we recommend them especially for beginner grill masters. Gloves elevate your outdoor cooking style and ensure every flip, turn, and sizzle is met with confidence and comfort. Blend safety and style, and make your hands look like the stars of the cooking show. Extra protection is the best ingredient when using the grill so here’s our overview of good quality grilling gloves

grilling gloves

List of best grilling gloves

Why heat resistant grilling gloves are important

Handling a scorching grill using conventional oven mitts will present a few challenges. Numerous grilling tasks will be difficult, if not impossible, without the full use of your fingers. Whether adjusting hot grill grates or transferring cooked proteins to a cutting board, or pulling metal grill baskets off the fire, the limitations of oven mitts can make easy tasks harder and dangerous. Investing in the best grilling gloves will ensure easily handling of all barbecue tools and accessories and a smoother and safer grilling experience.

Different types of BBQ grilling gloves

1. Heat-resistant silicone gloves

Silicone can withstand high-temperatures which is perfect when in contact with hot surfaces and open flames. This material provides excellent grip and dexterity, and being waterproof it is also easy to clean.

2. Leather grilling gloves

Leather gloves are durable and stylish while providing protection. This natural material resists heat and flames resulting in safe grilling.

3. Fabric gloves

Fabric has a more traditional design and classic feel on the outside with heat-resistant lining for effective protection. These are usually very easy to put on and take off.

4. Disposable grilling gloves

Using disposable materials is convenient for one-time use and a hygienic solution when handling raw meats. However, we don’t recommend it due to ecological reasons. The materials used for single-use gloves are usually nitrile or latex. 

5. Kevlar grilling gloves

Kevlar is commonly used in protective gear as it provides outstanding heat resistance. It is also cut resistant which offers additional safety when working with sharp tools.

6. Neoprene grilling gloves

This material is water and oil-resistant with perfect insulation against heat. It is flexible and allows for easy movement and handling. Be careful if these are uncoated as the gloves will be more absorbent and therefore less suitable for food handling.

Things to consider before buying grilling gloves

Material and heat resistance

As described above, grilling gloves are made out of different materials. You can select gloves with maximum heat resistance or choose for longevity of the material. Silicone and leather are most commonly used. The most important requirement is for the gloves to keep your hands cool, comfortable and safe in high heat situations.

Dexterity and feel

The dexterity of grilling gloves is a critical consideration because it ensures protection from heat and other hazards. Finding a balance between heat resistance and flexibility ensures safe and precise cooking. Choose gloves that feel comfortable and make it easy to grab and hold tools easily.

Ease to clean

Some materials are dishwasher safe meaning easier to clean. Other materials look better and are stylish but might need hand washing. Personal needs and the time you want to spend cleaning after grilling will determine your choice.

Heat resistant gloves for grilling vs oven mitts

We find it logical to keep grilling gloves separate from oven mitts. Not only is this more hygienic as oven mitts are used for cleaner indoor cooking, whereas grilling gloves might get soiled more quickly especially when using a charcoal or wood grill.

A second difference between the two is that heat resistant grilling gloves often have longer cuffs to protect the forearms.

Overview of best grilling gloves

Highest rated on Amazon – JENPOS BBQ Gloves – 1472°F Thicken Heat Resistant Gloves w/S-Hook

These food-grade BBQ gloves are heat resistant up to 800°C (1472°F) to keep your hands safe. Long sleeves of 35cm (14 inch) protect your hands and forearms while cooking or grilling outdoors.

The gloves are insulated, waterproof, and have a non-slip five-finger flex design to make handling wet or greasy meat in your smoker or BBQ easier. We love that these gloves are easy to clean with only a little soap. They have hooks to hang them for quick drying.

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Best waterproof – RAPICCA BBQ Gloves,14IN 932℉ Heat Resistant 

Another pair of gloves made of food-grade neoprene rubber, that are water, fire and stain resistant. We understand the popularity because the insulated textured palm with non-slip five finger design makes it easy to handle wet or greasy meat in your smoker or bbq. The double layer soft cotton liner not only provides comfortable fitting to keep your hands cool during grilling.  As with the above mentioned brands, these gloves are easy to clean with a little soap.

Although at Rapicca they state that you can use the gloves in hot boiling water, we don’t see the need or urge to try this, but feel free to use them for other tasks which involve heat! 

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Best silicone – KITCHEN PERFECTION Silicone Smoker Oven Gloves 

Probably the most colourful grilling gloves available in six bright colours. These gloves protect up to 500°C and are made of durable, thick cotton and a waterproof silicone double layer with good insulation. They fit most hands but are available in XL if needed. Although there is a thick layer of silicone, the flexibility of these gloves is great! They come with a life-time warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. For men or women, these are also a great gift when someone invites you to their next BBQ party. Bonus hooks and recipe books make this set complete!

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Best disposable – Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe’s Disposable BBQ Gloves, 50-count

50 disposable, food-safe gloves and 2 cotton glove liners are included in this buy. We usually stay away from disposable when working on hot surfaces, but the cotton  glove liners are reusable and machine-washable and will protect when grilling or cooking. Don’t forget that the cotton glove liners should be layered under the disposable gloves when handling hot food. 

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Best leather – RAPICCA Fireplace Gloves Fire Heat Resistant Leather

Over 18,000 people reviewed this product positively and we agree that these gloves with fire resistant leather exterior, 10% insulating aluminium foil middle layer, and 20% heat resistant cotton liner is a very good product. They might not be the most beautiful design but they are made for the job and do protect well against heat. The 16-inch extra-long gloves, equipped with 7.5-inch sleeves, provide exceptional protection for forearms. From refilling your fireplace with wood, a campfire, BBQ, grill, and even welding jobs, these gloves stand the test of time and are long lasting. Besides all the positive points mentioned above is also an attractive price of around 20 € at the time of publishing this review.

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Other popular grilling gloves

Comsmart BBQ Gloves, 1472 Degree F Heat Resistant 

A combination of silicone, aramid fibre, and a mix of polyester and cotton make these protective gloves high heat and cut resistant, flexible enough to hold small utensils and comfortable with a nice pattern that provides non-slip protection, flexible enough to hold small kitchen utensils. 

These gloves also have an additional 14.5 cm wrist guard to protect your fingers, hands, wrists and forearms. The stretchable design makes these gloves a perfect fit for most hand sizes.  We love that the material is machine washable but still recommend hand washing the gloves to make them last longer.

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Kuwani BBQ Gloves, 1472°F Heat Resistant Gloves Fireproof Mitts, Grilling Gloves Silicone Non-Slip Washable

These heat resistant gloves consist of 3 materials. Silicone strips for non-slip assurance, aramid fibre for high heat resistance and flame retardant, and polyester-cotton, which could prevent allergies and make them more comfortable to wear. 

The gloves have a choice of different fire pattern designs on both sides. The five-finger design is flexible to help you hold cooking tools, grills, and other hot objects easily.

Multi-Functionality is the perfect word because these gloves are perfect for all grilling occasions, fireplace, cooking, baking, microwave, etc. Included in the price of this package also includes 50 pieces of disposable food safe gloves which makes it a very good deal.

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