How to open a pomegranate without being messy

Pomegranates are very healthy and delicious but sometimes people can be unsure about buying them because they don’t know how to eat and serve them, or they struggle to release the seeds, also called arils, from the casing.

As pomegranates are so delicious and healthy, we’ll explain to you how to open a pomegranate mess-free in this easy step by step guide.

A chopping board, large bowl, paring knife and a spoon are the only tools you need for this task.

  • Use your knife to cut shallowly around the pomegranate and remove the top part that looks like a crown.
  • Score the pomegranate into sections from top to bottom. 
  • Use your hands to gently push the pomegranate fruit open.
  • Turn the pomegranate upside down above a large bowl and tap the casing with a wooden ladle or other spoon to release the arils.
  • You can rinse the arils in water to remove the skin easily.

A healthy snack

Juicy pomegranates are a super food and while they are a good addition to your five a day and a festive looking ingredient in many recipes, they are also super healthy. Here is an outline of why they are super food. 

  • They are packed with essential nutrients such as Vitamins C and K, fibre, folate, copper, phosphorus, and potassium. 
  • Powerful antioxidants can help protect against cancers, prevent Alzheimer’s disease and cardiovascular health issues. 
  • Anti-inflammatory properties encourage radiant, youthful skin when incorporated into skin care products.

Recipes with pomegranates

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