5 Best Kitchen Shears and Scissors

You might have the most complete knife set, there will surely be a moment where you’ll need a pair of kitchen shears or scissors. They are simply more convenient for certain tasks and can be used in many ways. Snipping herbs, spatchcocking a chicken, removing fins from fish, or dividing a pizza in parts, shears are useful amongst kitchen tools.

kitchen shears

There are task specific kitchen shears and others are multi-functional and that’s why it is wise to consider the kind of tasks you need to do with them. Another important point to consider is how to sharpen them.

A quality pair of kitchen scissors come at affordable prices and we selected a few to help you choose the best for your kitchen.

List of best kitchen shears and scissors

Things to consider before buying 


The versatility of kitchen shears is vast. All should perform heavy-duty tasks and while a multi-purpose model is ideal for snipping herbs, cutting meat or cleaning fish, others are task-specific and only used for poultry or to cut through hard bones. Keep in mind that you might need more than one pair of kitchen shears if choosing a task-specific pair.

Size and design

Kitchen shears should be large enough to offer enough leverage for serious cutting tasks. They should feel comfortable to hold with a good grip for keeping control while using. A non-slip grip is important for safety especially if using them with wet or oily hands. 

Kitchen shears are commonly designed for right-handed users. It is important to choose symmetrical, well-balanced handles but there are also kitchen shears specifically designed for left-handed people.

Features and maintenance

Some kitchen shears come with features such as an attached bottle opener, a locking mechanism, or the possibility to separate the blades which is easy for maintenance, sharpening, and cleaning.

Blades are best made from stainless steel because of its durability. A serrated edge prevents slipping when cutting wet or fatty items. 

Most kitchen shears are dishwasher safe, but as with knives, we recommend hand washing as it will keep them sharper for longer. It is important to dry the blades well after cleaning too. 

Overview of best kitchen shears and scissors

Best overall – OXO Good Grips Multi-Purpose Kitchen Scissors

These scissors have micro-serrated, sharp stainless-steel blades that easily cut through multiple products. The paddle handles are large with a good grip which makes these scissors suitable for a wide variety of cutting tasks. The built-in herb stripper is a handy feature, and this model is easy to clean since the blades can be taken apart.

Best for herbs – Jenaluca Herb Scissors 

If you are often cooking with fresh herbs, look no further and get these useful herb scissors. There are 5 well balanced blades for quick and easy snipping of herbs. A comb cover delivered with the scissors makes cleaning easy, and a cover case protects the blades while stored.

Best for poultry – OXO Grips Spring Loaded Poultry Shears 

These poultry shears have sharp blades, and springs to maximise cutting power with a minimum of effort. The curved, micro-serrated blades are designed to reach into smaller spots that are tricky to cut and hold bones in place for easy and safe cutting.

The blades separate for easy cleaning, and they are dishwasher safe too! 

Best set – Gidli Multipurpose Ultra Sharp Utility Scissors and Seafood Scissors

Sometimes having specific shears is just not enough. This set offers the best of both worlds. The multi-purpose kitchen scissors make meal preparations easier, and the seafood scissors make removing shells and fish scales a breeze. Cleaning shrimps and prawns is easy with the seafood peeler.

The grip is soft and secure, and the stainless-steel blade is sharp and won’t rust. A bonus is the lifetime warranty! 

Best budget – KitchenAid All Purpose Shears

If you never had a kitchen shear in your kitchen utensil kit, then these are a good choice for beginners. This all-purpose model has a sleek appearance, comes in a range of modern colours and is available at a very attractive price.

The soft grip handles provide comfort and control, and the blade is sharp enough to cut through anything from food to twine.

The only downside for this model is that the blades do not separate which makes cleaning more difficult. 

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