Take Your Ordinary Cup of Coffee to the Next Level

Over 1 billion people drink coffee every day and of U.S. adults about 65 percent drink this black gold daily. However, not all coffee provides the same level of enjoyment and to find the best coffee every coffee lover should consider following. 

cup of coffee

Choose the best coffee

Countless brands of coffee line supermarket shelves, but these commercial coffee brands rarely deliver the taste true coffee lovers look for. Remember that supermarket coffee is roasted, ground, and packed weeks, or even months, before being placed on the shelf.

Coffee experts always encourage shopping for roasted coffee blends that deliver a taste far superior to commercial counterparts as roasters usually offer a variety of blends that cater to the tastes of users. 

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Many roasters have brick-and-mortar locations where coffee lovers can pick up their favourite blends as well as taste different blends to evaluate their flavour on the spot. In our experience, the roaster is often so enthusiastic about their coffees, you will get more details and specifics on each of the blends available.

Be careful with additives

Many coffee drinkers load their coffee with cream and sugar. While both of these additions are enjoyed by many, most coffee experts agree that quality coffee doesn’t need additives to taste good. Using cream and sugar is often used to mask the taste of bitter coffee. 

Too much sugar might lead to health issues, so experiment with different coffee blends to find good ones that don’t require flavourings.

Artificial creamers and sweeteners in coffee are not recommended by health experts and avoiding these products is a good choice and most of them don’t improve the taste of coffee. Again, selecting a quality coffee blend means no additives required, and a great day for a coffee lover!

Explore different brewing methods

Another important factor to consider when preparing great coffee is to consider the method used to brew the coffee. Different devices deliver decidedly different results, so choose the brewing method carefully. Today, a drip coffee maker is the most common method of brewing at home. While drip coffee makers produce drinkable coffee, we agree with experts who suggest trying alternatives that provide a better-tasting cup of coffee. Here are some popular choices for improving your coffee-drinking experience.

 French press

Coffee lovers often favour using a French press to create an excellent taste experience. When this method is used, the water is in contact with the coffee for longer and absorbs more of its flavour. The French press is a tried and tested brewing strategy that provides excellent coffee whenever a quality blend is used. In addition, superior French presses are inexpensive and readily available.

Pour-over coffee maker

Pour-over coffee makers also provide a coffee that delivers a delightful taste. Although some people feel this old fashioned method is too fussy, others argue that the results are well worth the extra effort. Users have better control over the brewing process than when using some other methods.

pouring coffee

Home espresso machines

Many coffee lovers, including us, use an espresso maker for all their coffee. Whether preparing an americano, mocha, cappuccino, or latte, a home espresso machine delivers a great cup of coffee. However, as with all coffee makers, the machine’s quality determines the coffee quality. If you have the budget, choose a coffee machine with grinder that grinds the beans instantly before brewing coffee.


An aeropress is ideal for coffee lovers who demand quality coffee even when there’s no coffee shop in sight. This coffee maker is similar to a syringe; the press works by  pushing a plunger that forces hot water through the grounds and a filter, delivering great coffee directly to your cup. In our early travel days of travel we often met people taking an aeropress on their trip to avoid bad coffee at the hotel.

 Cold brew

Not everyone wants their coffee hot, so if you’re a fan of iced coffee, or if you want coffee during a camping trip but don’t have a gas burner, consider cold brewing. The coffee grounds are soaked in water for up to 24 hours to extract a smooth, full-bodied coffee. It’s great on its own and even better when served over ice. 

Grind your coffee at home

Most coffee sold in stores is ready ground and since coffee quality decreases rapidly after grinding, coffee aficionados generally grind their own coffee as needed. Grinding coffee at home allows coffee drinkers to experiment with different grinds to find one that delivers the taste they’re looking for. Quality burr grinders can be expensive, but they are well worth the investment. With minimal care, a quality burr grinder will last for several years. Automatic coffee machines with grinders are a great option too. Besides having the right equipment, ask your local coffee provider to give additional tips for grinding specific types of coffee to achieve the best taste.

Store coffee carefully

Since freshly roasted coffee loses its taste quickly, storing coffee correctly is crucial. We recommend using an airtight coffee container and storing it in a cool, dark place to maintain freshness for longer. Storing coffee in the refrigerator or freezer is not recommended due to potential flavour contamination or freezer burn, but some insist freezing or refrigerating coffee doesn’t negatively impact its taste. Ask a roaster what storage strategy they recommend before making a decision.

Choose your coffee provider with care

Today, coffee roasters are popping up everywhere. Some of them provide quality coffee, but others fail to deliver tasty blends. Ask questions and look for reviews from current customers when selecting a roaster. If you have specific preferences, look for a roaster who understands your needs and delivers a blend that meets them.

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