5 Best Fully Automatic Coffee Machines with Grinder

For many of us the best way to start the day is with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Brewing good coffee is an art, hence why coffee shops with professional baristas are always busy! For those who also like to enjoy good quality coffee at home, a fully automatic coffee machine with a grinder facility is the perfect option for your freshly brewed coffee needs.

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While these bean to cup machines are more expensive than regular coffee makers, they are rapidly gaining in popularity as grinding beans within minutes makes the most naturally fragrant coffee. Besides getting delicious coffee, these luxury coffee machines are aesthetically pleasing and come in a variety of designs to complement your kitchen.

In addition to the above, a bean to cup machine is more eco-friendly than capsule coffee machines and eliminates plastic or metal cups. 

Have a look at our selection of fully automatic coffee makers and identify the most suitable machine for your home.

List of best automatic coffee makers with grinder

Things to consider before buying 

Type of grinder

There are two kinds of grinders, burr grinders or burr mills, and blade grinders. Burr grinders crush the coffee beans between two burrs that result in a consistent grind without producing a lot of heat which can lead to altered coffee flavour. The grind size is adjustable too.

Blade grinders produce coffee grounds of all shapes and sizes and might produce some heat during the process.


Are you just with a few coffee drinkers or do you often host larger parties where you need to make plenty of coffees? You can find machines that produce a full carafe for up to 14 cups at a time or you might choose a smaller one that only makes 1 or 2 cups. Look out for a water reservoir with easy access. 


Most coffee makers make a straightforward tasty cup of coffee, and others have added features. Although these won’t improve the coffee your brew, it might be important for you to have an automatic shut off function or temperature control. Additional attributes such as an integrated milk frother and steamers can be useful too. Keep in mind that extra features usually mean a higher price. 


Most fully automatic coffee machines also have built-in cleaning features. Always read instructions as for some brands you need to purchase special added products from the exact brand of your machine before cleaning.

Overview of best automatic coffee makers

Are you looking for a barista-level coffee maker that is versatile, long-lasting with a pelasing design? This machine has over 16000 reviews on Amazon with a total score of 85%. 

This burr grinder comes with a dose control and grinds to any size for all types of beans on demand. The powerful built-in steam wand creates micro foam milk for lattes and cappuccinos. To make the best micro foam at home, heat up the milk first, then run the frother. This machine comes with an array of accessories and a higher price tag but with so many happy customers it is worth every penny. There is a one-year warranty, and it is easy to obtain replacement parts.

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Best overall – Delonghi ECAM23120SB Magnifica S Express Super Automatic Espresso Machine

We have this machine at home and are very happy with the quality of coffee. The fully automatic machine has an attractive design, is not too large and the newer models come with a relatively quiet grinder. Beans or ground coffee can be used, and the grinder size can be adjusted to one of the 13 available settings. The choice of short, medium or long coffee is just a button away and the adjustable nozzle is perfect to brew any sized cup. The milk frother is equally adjustable and combines steam, air and milk producing a rich and creamy froth.

Cleaning and maintenance are easy and automatic. A light will indicate when it is necessary, and the instruction book explains the procedure in detail. The price is a little on the high side, but the machine is long lasting, and we have had this model for 10 years with no problems.

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Best programmable – Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1 Grind & Brew Automatic Coffeemaker, 12 Cups

The 24-hour programmability might not be a unique feature, but it works well! Don’t forget to read the manual if you are using this Cuisinart for the first time. The glass carafe with dripless pour spout holds 12 cups. 

The machine comes with a charcoal water filter that removes impurities and the separate grinder chamber and filter area make for easy clean-up. There is a 1-4 setting button to control the speed of the brewing process which makes a stronger cup of coffee due to the slower brewing process. Observations from consumers are that the grinder is quite loud, and it is difficult to get the last cup out of the carafe. Overall, this is still a good coffee maker with over 10,000 reviews on Amazon.

Best budget – Gevi 10-Cup Drip Coffee Maker, Brew Automatic Coffee Machine with Built-In Burr Coffee Grinder, Programmable

No other brand competes with this automatic coffee machine when it comes to the price. You can brew up to 10 cups of coffee at one time or you can choose the exact number of coffees you need by pushing the powder button setting. Be careful to fill the tank with enough water.

There is a choice between coffee beans that will pass through the burr grinder or ground coffee. 3 strength control settings (strong, medium or mild) and 8 coffee powder control grades for adjustable coarseness, create your desired drink. Set the timer mode to automatically start the machine. A bell will ring after the coffee is brewed but there is a warming plate to keep the carafe of coffee hot for up to 2 hours. The compact size of the coffee maker makes for a small reservoir that is not easy to fill. 

Best for espresso – Sage The Barista Pro Manual Espresso Maker, Black Truffle

If you have the budget to splurge and you are a real espresso addict, this machine is the one for you! The price is significantly higher compared to all other models on this list, but it delivers on all levels. It all starts with dose control and grinding in a single touch. The optimal water pressure and ThermoJet heating creates a balanced flavour of brewed coffee. 

The design of the machine is compact but sleek with a clear LCD display and the large water tank of 2L is easy to reach. A built-in steam wand makes perfect micro foam milk for your lattes. Plenty of accessories and a 2-year warranty come with this beautiful coffee maker.

Highlights of the best automatic coffee machine with grinder

Convenience and utility are the main features of the best automatic coffee machine with grinder.

As more types of coffees are created and sold, more individuals want to make their brews at home. But they want their appliances to be easy to use, and they want everything in one. That makes a coffee maker with a grinder even better. You don’t have to worry about more than one item on the countertop in the kitchen.

Choosing the best coffee maker with grinder will depend on your own needs. For example, how many cups should the carafe hold? Or, do you need a timer to set so the coffee maker starts on its own in the morning? How much cleanup is required? And finally, your budget will dictate the right machine to buy.

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  1. For more than 10 years we are using a Jura coffee machine, maybe not the most cheap one but to our experience the best

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