5 Best Oil Sprayers for Cooking

misto oil sprayer

Oil sprayers are becoming increasingly popular and not only are they an attractive addition to your kitchen gadgets, but they also contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Whatever cooking oil you choose, you will use less and some start to cook with more finesse and you’ll never pour too much oil again! Oil dispensers, oil sprayers or oil misters do exactly what the name says and spray or mist a fine layer of oil in your pan or over your food. This overview of oil sprayers will help you choose the best one for you.

List of best oil sprayers for cooking

Things to consider before buying 


Glass, stainless steel, and plastic are the three materials available with glass being the most common type of container. This is because it is naturally chemical-free, and it doesn’t absorb smells or flavours. Stainless steel is second in line because of its durability. Plastic is light and the most budget-friendly option but likely to keep smells and flavour after a while, even trough easy to clean.

The sprayer

Some sprayers are non-aerosol and said to be superior partially because they are eco-friendly without propellants. Others come with pressure valves, trigger mechanisms or pumps. They all work well, and it ultimately depends on what you prefer. 


Size always matters and depends on how often you use it and how much storage space you have. If you cook a lot, you might want a bigger sprayer but if you don’t cook often or if you use a variety of cooking oils, you can opt for a few smaller sprayer bottles. 

Cleaning options

As with all kitchen gadgets, it’s important to clean them regularly. Usual advice is to wash and clean the bottle with warm water and soap. Shake and spray to clean all parts and unclog the spray head, rinse multiple times with warm water and dry well before refilling with oil. Always check with the model you choose for particular instructions.

Overview of best oil sprayers for cooking

Most popular – Misto Brushed Aluminium Oil Sprayer

There are mixed reviews about this brand but because it is the most popular on Amazon, we have added it to this list. The aluminium design of this reusable oil spray and mister bottle is sleek. Read the instructions well when using this non-aerosol sprayer for the first time and you will find the 2-step operation easy to follow.

Best large – Evo Stainless Steel 16-Ounce Oil Sprayer

This oil sprayer might not have the best design (in our opinion) but it has the best rating on Amazon and this for a few reasons.

This is our number 1 choice of oil sprayers. The large capacity of almost ½ litre is perfect if you cook frequently. The stainless-steel bottle is safe, economical, durable, reusable and recyclable with a plastic sprayer that won’t clos easily.

It is very precise with each pull releasing consistently 1/4 teaspoon of oil, which makes measuring and precision cooking a breeze. 

Best glass – Purelite Continuous Spray Olive Oil Mister

First things first; the glass is not blue but has a plastic wrap which darkens and protects the oil from sunlight  and it protects against breakage if the bottle slips. The sprayer works like the spray of an aerosol, but uses air pressure instead in a low-cost and environmentally friendly way. 

Best compact – Sunnyac Olive Oil Sprayer

This small sized glass bottle is lightweight and easy to take when going for a picnic or barbeque. 

The small size of the bottle doesn’t minimize its performance. It is a reliable pressurised sprayer with a ‘hidden’ air pump style mechanism incorporated into a sleek design. Read instructions well before first use to avoid leakage.

Best budget – Wayeept Oil Spritzer 

We love the price and the look of this glass bottle with stainless steel nozzle and an anti-slid press button. Just gently press the button and the oil spritzer coats your food with a light mist. There are two cleaning brushes and an extra tube included in the package. 

You might also find a dispenser helpful, too. Why not have a look at our reviews on the best olive oil dispenser?

Highlights of the best cooking oil sprayer

Having an oil sprayer bottle for all your cooking needs is brilliant. For one thing, you don’t feel the discomfort on the wrist from the weight of trying to pour from a heavy store-bought bottle. Just place a small amount into the little bottle and you can oil your pans and food items very easily.

Also, avoid the mess from getting the oil all over the big bottle when pouring. If you like having your oil handy, and near to where you are cooking, the best cooking oil sprayer will look quite attractive on the counter.

No mess, super convenience, and a container that is nice to look at. All benefits for buying an oil dispenser!

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