5 Best Kitchen Scales for Precise Measuring

Most accurate food scale

Kitchen scales are essential tools for precisely measuring ingredients. Although seasoned chefs are skilled and might add a pinch of salt or a dash of cream when preparing a great dish, they still use a scale when precise measurements are vital for a recipe. You can see why the best scale would also be the most accurate food scale.

kitchen scales

Kitchen scales are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, some with a multitude of options and features. Most digital scales measure in ounces or grams, or you can opt for a classic analogue model.  Whatever your measuring needs, a reliable scale is available.

List of best kitchen scales

Things to consider before buying 


The most important feature of a kitchen scale is without doubt accuracy. Make sure your scale is calibrated and avoid overloading. Keep an eye on the battery life as low batteries might result in inconsistent measuring. 

Units measurement

With recipes being available online, some will show measurements in cups, ounces, and grams and for this reason it is important to find a scale that measures both metric and imperial units. The weight range is another important point to note. Scales should weigh in increments of 1 gram or 0.05 ounces, anything above this will not be completely accurate.

Capacity and features

Most kitchen scales, depending on the model, measure from 6 lbs (3kg) to 12 lbs (6kg). Nowadays, scales commonly offer a tare button to zero the scale making it easier to weigh several components one after another in one bowl. Having two scales of which one is a pocket scale which measures less than 1 gram, is a good idea if you often need to measure extremely small quantities of food such as spices. 

Types of kitchen scales

Digital scales

These are the most useful for home use and the most sold type of kitchen scales. Digital scales are compact, well designed, battery-powered and read measurements starting from0.05-ounce or 1-gram increments. The taring feature avoids the use of several bowls for measuring so reduces washing up. Rubber feet on the bottom prevent the scale from sliding or moving while weighing.

Analogue scales

Classic, vintage or analogue kitchen scales could be considered old fashioned however these scales usually have a large base with an equally large bowl sitting on top to place the items to be weighed. These scales are commonly heavier and larger in size and numbers are presented on an analogue reading plate. These scales work well although they are not as precise. If you have the space, they can function as an attractive display item as well.

Pocket scales

Spices, baking ingredients, and other ingredients that require only small amounts to be weighed are best measured on a pocket scale. These compact scales start weighing at less than 1 gram or 0.05 ounces. Similar as with the larger digital scales, pocket models are battery-powered and read both metric and imperial units. The price of pocket scales usually follows the size, and so these are at very affordable prices, and worth buying even if you don’t need to use them often.

Hanging scales

Hanging scales are often used at butchers, fishmongers or fruit sellers. They allow accurate readings for large amounts or cuts for up to 100 pounds or around 50 kilos. We don’t think there is a need in a regular household for this kind of scale.

How to calibrate a kitchen scale?

Upon receiving a new scale, always check the scale’s instruction manual and check if it has a calibration setting or function. Always calibrate on a flat, level surface. Calibration weights or any other item with an exact weight is good to determine your scale is weighing accurately. 

Overview of best kitchen scales

Most popular – Ozeri ZK14-AB Pronto Digital Multifunction Scale

This is without doubt the most popular kitchen scale on Amazon with over 77,000 positive reviews. Besides being accurate, elegant, and easy to use, this digital scale weighs up to 11.24 lbs (5100 gr) with precise graduations of 0.05 oz (1 gr).

The automatic unit button instantly converts between 5 units of measurements (g, lbs, lbs:oz, oz, ml) and displays results on an easy-to-read LCD screen. A precision tare button calculates the net weight of your ingredients. At the time of writing this review the price is most affordable at under 10 $.

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Best with a bowl – Etekcity Food Scale with Bowl

This scale with bowl measures precisely up to 11lb/5kg capacity with a division of 0.1oz/1gr with an LCD display for clear readout in kg(gr), lb(Oz) and °F.

Features include a room temperature sensor and alarm timer to accomplish more tasks with a minimum of mess. The detachable bowl of 2.06 QT is large enough for easy mixing and pouring. 

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Best digital – Nicewell Food Scale, 22lb Digital Kitchen Scale Weight Grams and oz for Cooking Baking

This model features four built-in high-precision load sensors for quick and accurate response of 0.1oz/1gr increments. Its measuring range reaches from 0.1oz to 22 lbs (2gr/3gr to 10kg).

The large platform comes with a clear LCD display for easy readout in gr, kg, lb: oz, fl oz and ml. The design has tempered glass for strong bearing, and sleek stainless steel is easy to clean, with an attached hook for convenient storage.

The on/off button is also a tare button that allows you to subtract the weight of a container.

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Best analogue – Taylor Precision Products Taylor Stainless Steel Analog Kitchen Scale, 11 Lb

This classic, analogue scale has a removable stainless-steel bowl. The white and black graphics are easy to read on the large 5-inch dial. Measurements are in pounds, ounces, kilograms, or grams up to 11 lbs (5 kilogram) with 1-ounce and 50-gram increments. All is easy to clean with a damp cloth and if needed this scale can be easily recalibrated by using the adjustment knob at the base of the unit.

A little disadvantage might be that it comes disassembled, but putting it together is quick and there are clear instructions available. But, if you like the vintage feel, then one of these analogue kitchen scales would be perfect.

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Best pocket – Weigh Gram Digital Pocket Scale

This pocket scale is compact and perfect to measure light items with weights up to a maximum capacity of 100gr and readability of 0.01gr. The stainless-steel designed platform has a protective flip cover but stays a lightweight. The easy touch buttons with large size digits and stark contrast LCD blue backlit display, makes it easy to read in all light conditions.

The 4 different weight modes featured are gr / oz / dwt with a tare function for net determination and a 60 second auto shut-off to preserve battery life.

Highlights of analogue kitchen scales

Nostalgia is a word that comes to mind when people ask about analogue kitchen scales.

Many remember the exciting times at the handmade candy shop when the chocolatier measured out the pieces of beautiful chocolate in one of these scales. The butcher had one, too, to weigh the beef roast for Sunday dinner. It’s no wonder analogue kitchen scales get snapped up quickly in estate sales!

And, if you are looking for the most accurate food scale, many agree that the newer digital scales are more precise. Yet, you will always find that the unwavering fans of the analogue scale feel its traditional and nostalgic nature is just right for them!

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