5 Best Kitchen Cooking Timers

Cooking and baking often require precision and accurate timing to result in recipes with textures and flavours to impress your guests. 

cooking timers

A trustworthy cooking timer is the ultimate secret ingredient, and the great thing is there are a variety on the market from mechanical to digital, some are quiet whilst others are loud. There are some that are multifunctional but a simple model with an easy timer is just as useful. Trendy looking timers that fit your kitchen interior are available as well as others that are plain looking. Whatever style you choose, timers are invaluable and should be in every kitchen!

List of best kitchen cooking timers

Things to consider before buying cooking timers

Ease of use

We usually choose a timer with a minimum of buttons which is easy to set and read. We like it to be very noisy when the time is up even though we live in a small home because we are easily distracted and sometimes forget what’s on the stovetop. 


The simplest kitchen timers measure minutes and hours, but consider having one that can be programmed down to the second, even if you don’t need this feature each time you cook. Remember, cooking and baking require precision and control to create the best results. 


If something is cooking and you want to do something else in another part of your house, you most probably won’t hear your oven’s timer. A portable timer is convenient to avoid burning or overcooked food. Some even have a clip to attach to your clothes.

Most timers have a magnet to enable it to stick it on the fridge or any other magnetic surface to make it easily visible. 


Some timers can keep track of multiple timings. A stopwatch function is interesting as it starts counting after the alarm goes off and it’s easy to know how much extra time your food has cooked. 

Overview of best kitchen cooking timers

Best overall – OXO Good Grips Triple Timer

Three different 100 hour digital timers, each with unique alarm sounds which can be controlled individually in this model make this model the best overall. When not in use, this OXO kitchen timer functions as a clock but is ideal when braising or slow cooking dishes. The LCD display is angled and is easily readable and the non-slip feet protect the surface and keep the timer stable.

Best mechanical – LAOPAO Kitchen Timer

We love the retro look of this timer! It is environmentally friendly as it works without batteries! The magnets on the back allow you to stick it to iron surfaces. The maximum time is only 60 minutes and will only work for shorter recipes and the manufacturer suggests staying in the same room as the noise of the alarm is short and not loud. The corrosion and oxidation-resistant metal casing is easy to clean.

Best digital –  ThermoPro dual Digital Kitchen Timer

The dual display can be set simultaneously and monitor 2-time settings at once for a maximum of 24-hour countdowns. The large LCD-screen is easy to read and the alarm has an adjustable volume between 70 and 105 decibels! For those who need quiet time, the device can also be muted.

The tabletop stand and magnetic back, allow for ideal placement either on the counter or fridge. When not in use, this model switches to calendar clock mode and displays the time and the date.

Most easy to use – Wrenwane Digital Kitchen Timer

It’s probably the simplest kitchen timer to use. The Wrenwane timer has a large LED display with bold digits. It counts up and down with a countdown timer and minute timer which can act as a stopwatch for all kinds of activities from cooking to sports. The maximum time is 100 minutes with a very loud alarm that can be heard everywhere in an average home.

There are three ways to mount the timer. The magnetic back lets you stick it to any metal surface, or you can choose to hook it. It also has a retractable stand for tabletop use and the on/off switch saves power when not in use.

Best budget – Antoki Digital Kitchen Timer, 2-Pack

It doesn’t only score asour best budget buy, but this timer is also the most popular, best-selling timer on Amazon! 

The alarm can be loud if you need to hear it from another room or you can choose the silent function where only a red light will flash! The on/off switch and a large screen with clear buttons are easy to use with a maximum count up or down of 100 minutes.

Position this timer as you wish and choose between the magnetic function, hanging hole or the kickstand for tabletop use. This timer is available in plain white or fresh green!

Features to look for in the best kitchen timers for precise cooking

Everyone has their own reasons for using a separate kitchen timer rather than the stove timer. Here are 5 features to think about when buying the best kitchen timers for precise cooking and accurate results.

1. Multi-event timers

These are particularly useful when you have lots of side dishes to make or many different pieces to a recipe. They can track multiple dishes or events simultaneously, each with its own distinct alarm. They can be really helpful when you are preparing an old fashion Christmas meal for many people.

2. Combination timer and thermometer

This is a handy gadget to have when are cooking meat, since the temperature is as important as the cooking time. To get the desired results, you don’t want to overcook the meat, but at the same time, you don’t raw meat.

3. Large display timers

These models are super when you don’t have your reading glasses nearby or you are farther away and can’t see the timer window.

4. Magnetic back timers

If you want to know where you timer is and not have to look around for it, just stick on the fridge or something metal. The magnetic backing will hold it in place for easy reach.

5. Waterproof timers

It doesn’t sound like much to have a waterproof timer, as you won’t be throwing it into the sink or dishwasher. But, for some cooks, they are dealing with liquids all the time or the kitchen could be quite humid, making this the perfect unit to have.

Whatever your reason to choose the best kitchen timers for accurate baking and cooking, there are many available, and you are sure to find the one you need.

Highlights of the best kitchen timer

Indeed, cooking timers are a necessity in the kitchen.

Although many stoves and microwaves come with timers, it is often more convenient to use a standalone timer. For example:

  • You might be in another part of the house where you can’t hear the stove’s timer, so you need to take the timer with you.
  • Also, you might not like changing all your settings on the stove, so having a portable cooking timer is more practical.
  • Finally, you may need to keep track of the time for more than one item.

There are plenty of reasons to need the best kitchen timer offered.

From manual to digital functions, from plain to designer décor, and from low budget to no budget, there is a large range of kitchen cooking timers to choose from.

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