Best Electric Salt and Pepper Grinders

Grinding spices is easy and convenient with the right tools. When cooking, salt and pepper are the most commonly used spices to add flavour to a meal. Electric salt and pepper grinders are a great choice to spread flavour effortlessly with just a press of a button. They can be used in the kitchen as well as at the dining table. 

electric salt and pepper grinder

Although manual grinders are still popular, it has to be said that the best electric salt and pepper mills nowadays come with helpful add-ons such as adjustable grind size settings. The electric devices might be more expensive compared to their manual counterparts but grind more quickly which is very convenient in busy kitchens.

We have reviewed the best-rated electric salt and pepper grinders to help you choose which one is right for you.

List of best electric salt and pepper grinders

Things to consider before buying an electric salt and pepper grinder 


We all like our equipment and kitchen tools to last and work well and it is no different for a grinder. Sturdy materials such as stainless steel and ceramic are more durable than plastic models and will stand the test of time when used often. Before buying, don’t forget to check if your chosen model needs assembling and if yes there are easy to follow instructions.

Filling options and grind settings

Compartments should be easily refillable without having to dismantle part of the device. Also check the compartments seals well to avoid spilling of the spices, as well as dust-free storage. 

Many models have adjustable grind size settings for the choice of coarser or finer grinding. Some might also have preset grind settings which can be set depending on the type of pepper, salt or other seasonings being used. 

Battery vs rechargeable

Electric salt and pepper grinders usually operate on batteries but some brands offer rechargeable models. Always check how long each battery will last before replacements are needed or recharging is required. 


Although these grinders work with a small electric motor, there will always be a certain level of noise. If you need this device for use in the kitchen you might not care too much, but when using it at the table perhaps you would prefer a quieter model.


Whatever kitchen tool or gadget we buy, the cost is always an important factor and something we take into consideration. Electric grinders are more expensive compared to manual models and prices will vary depending on features mentioned above such as size, adjustable settings, light, and materials used.  

How to maintain an electrical salt and pepper grinder

To ensure optimal performance and flavour, it is essential to maintain salt and pepper mills so they are in a good condition. Here are some tips to maintain your electric grinder:

Regular cleaning

Properly cleaning with the use of a small, soft brush or cloth will prevent buildup of spice residues. It is possible that the grinder needs disassembling for which we recommend carefully reading the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Moisture and liquids

Electric grinders need to be treated with more care and liquids should be avoided to prevent the spices from getting stuck or clogged inside the device. In case your grinder is really very dirty, light scrubbing with a little soapy water might be needed, whereafter drying is a must, but it is not a technique we recommend. 

Overview of best electric salt shaker

Most popular – Gravity Electric Pepper and Salt Grinder Set

This automatic electric grinder set is stylish and has a wide mouth spice container. Several grinding levels allow the ceramic rotor to grind from coarse to fine. The blue LED light turns on and adds a fancy touch without any extra function. Always make sure, especially with salt variations, to have the spices dry enough or it will clog and block the device.

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Best with stand – Flafster Kitchen Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set – Automatic Salt Pepper Mills with Light

These elegantly designed grinders are delivered in a gift box and are the perfect present for any occasion. The salt or pepper mills are batteries (4AA batteries each) operated with a ceramic grinder that has different levels of operation with an additional built-in light. The grinders can be used with or without the rubber caps because the wooden part of the stand will catch stray particles. A beautiful grinder set but due to the motor being a little weak we do not recommend intense usage. Also check the red radiant coloured grinder which looks very bright and modern.

Overview of best electric pepper mill

Best classic – Peugeot Paris Electrique Electric Pepper Mill

The iconic pepper mill of Peugeot has long been seen in professional kitchens and restaurants. This brand stands for quality and long lasting, endurable products and although nowadays they have modern, sleek looking designed salt and pepper mills, we still love the classic looking model. However, they now offer rechargeable battery-powered electric mills with comfortable, one-handed use and quiet operation. The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are included when buying this classic Paris Mill design of 34cm (13. 5 inch) height. Six grind settings from ultrafine to coarse can easily be set and this French made product comes with a lifetime guarantee on the grinding mechanism. There is nothing much more to say about this grinder except that we really love this model!

Best without battery – HOMCYTOP Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set Rechargeable, No Battery Needed, One Hand Operation, Automatic Pepper Mill Refillable

A lot of thought went into this set of which the rechargeable base design has been upgraded this year. The central spice filling position and ceramic core offer a smooth and easy grinding with just a touch of a button. Set the coarseness of your liking by turning the knob at the bottom, then press and hold the button, and without twisting, freshly grinded salt pepper or other spices will be the result. The white LED light turns on automatically while using the grinder and it might also be important to some that the grinder noise doesn’t exceed 60 db. Customer service is good with 24 hours online assistance.

Best large capacity – FORLIM Gravity Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

This 9-ounce (250gr) capacity has a spacious storage chamber and is perfect for regular use of your spice grinder. The pepper shaker with gravity sensing technology is battery-operated and starts automatically when tilted and stops when placed upright. From fine to coarse, as with most other brands you also have full control over the seasoning, ensuring perfect flavour. 

Electric salt and pepper mill vs manual salt and pepper mill

Is it the attractive design, the versatility, or the ease of use? One thing for sure is that electric salt and pepper mills have become increasingly popular in recent years. Most of these modern models only need a twist of a knob or a simple push of a button to set the coarseness of your choice. They are available in a wide range of styles, from classic looking to sleek stainless steel designs, with extra features such as LED lights and automatic chargers. All provide pretty good grinding with precision to add a maximum of flavour to your dishes.

Manual salt and pepper mills require more effort and twisting, but they do not need batteries and therefore might be more durable as they don’t have moving parts that can potentially break down. 

Electric and manual grinder? It is a personal choice, but both will outperform pre-ground salt or pepper as grinding them freshly when needed will always release more aroma and flavour and elevate the taste of a dish . This brings us to the conclusion that investing in a manual or electric salt and pepper mill or shaker is a great choice to elevate your culinary experiences.

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