5 Best Magnetic Spice Racks

Spices are found in every kitchen, but they are not always easy to store. You can make your own dried herbs and spice mixes, or they are delivered in sachets, bulk containers, and in a variety of small containers that never fit into your drawer or cabinet correctly.

Magnetic spice racks are the solution to avoid disorganisation in the kitchen. They are easily accessible and smart storage for those who have a tiny kitchen. You’ll never have to search for your favourite blend again! 

magnetic spice racks

Overview of best magnetic spice racks

Things to consider before buying magnetic spice containers


Magnetic racks are usually visibly attached to a fridge or a metallic plate. This means that they should fit the style of your kitchen. After all, aesthetics matter and we all want our kitchen to look good at all times. There are racks, jars and grippers, with jars and grippers tending to have a higher capacity and being more customizable. 


Whether you prepare your own blends or buy them ready made, you need enough space to store all of them. Small spice racks are great if you only have a basic spice range. More ‘seasoned’ cooks can choose spice racks that are adjustable and can grow as the spice collection increases. The most important thing is using the space you have in a smart way. 

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Extra Features

Additional labels and specialty lids will add to the style, organisation and ease of use of the spice rack.  

Review of best magnetic spice racks

Best for stove tops – StoveShelf Magnetic Shelf for Kitchen Stove 

There is no need to drill holes or attach adhesives. This magnetic shelf attaches quickly to the top of your stove and provides a sturdy storage space for condiments, spices and oils.

It makes sense as the stove is the place where you use spices the most and you can keep the countertop clear. The stove shelf is designed to fit both flat and slightly curved stoves and the magnetics can easily be repositioned for a custom fit. There is only space for one row of spices, but it is wide enough for bulkier jars and bottles. 

The stainless-steel body will withstand rust, odours, stains, and corrosion and is easy to clean.

Best pre-filled – Gneiss Spice Small Magnetic Pantry Spice-Filled Jars

This spice set certainly deserves other titles such as best looking and most convenient. 

The hexagon shape of the jars is attractive and can be placed following your own cool design on your fridge or on a metal plate on the wall. You can choose small or larger jars.

It is convenient that this all-in-one set of 24 glass jars is pre-filled with certified organic, fair trade spices. Allspice, basil, cayenne, chili flakes, cinnamon, cloves, coriander seed, cumin seed, curry, dill, fennel seed, garlic, ginger, mustard seeds, onion, oregano, paprika, parsley, pepper, rosemary, sage, sea salt, turmeric and thyme are included. 

Don’t be shocked by the price of this set, remember, the organic spices are inclusive in the price of the set.

Best Budget – Magnetic Spice Rack Gripper Clips – Good Cooking

It’s in the name, the clips are magnetic and stick to anything metal. They don’t need any screwing because the strong magnets will hold and grip most standard sized spice jars, bottles or tins. There are 3 sets available with a choice of 4, 12 or 24 grips and it’s easy to mix and match to have enough for your collection of spices. The cost per unit is the cheapest and most value for money if you opt for the 24 pack.

Strongest – Hoopoton Magnetic Spice Rack 

If you need a sturdy magnetic shelf, then this one is perfect. The edges are rounded and there is enough depth to fit two rows of standard sized spice jars. It also fits smaller sized bottles of olive oil and vinegar for a total of 5 pounds (2.2 kg). The shelf is made of rust-free metal and available in grey, black and red.  The 2 pack is easy and stores up to 20 regular spice jars. 

Best Wall-Mounted – Magnetic Spice Tins with Wall Mounted spice jar organiser

This is the perfect starter set with 12 metal tins that adhere to the metal plate perfectly. You can either drill the plate to the wall or you can use command strips if you don’t want to drill. The only negative point is that when it’s installed it can’t be placed in another location.

This set is more expensive but it includes the plate, 12 tins with see through lids, and labels to keep everything neat and organized. The jars are big and hold easily larger spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon or star anise.

Highlights of magnetic spice containers

Having a spice rack in your kitchen will help to keep the many jars organized and super easy to find when you are cooking.

Even if you use very few spices in your home cooked meals, you will still benefit from one of these handy magnetic spice containers. You won’t have to sort through everything in the kitchen cupboard to get a hold of your favourite seasoning when you need it.


  1. Martha Tim says:

    Perfect, found one for my kitchen!

  2. Every kitchen needs a spice rack. I have at least a dozen and they take up so much space! A rack looks good and is practical. Thanks for listing so many options.

  3. These magnetic spice racks are cool! I e been looking for something like this for my RV.

    1. You will surely find some in this list that fit for your RV!

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