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We call pizzelle makers mini waffle irons. Originating from Italy, pizzelle, or pizzelle cookies, are known to be thin and crispy with waffle-like patterns. There are plenty of recipes to make with this appliance such as simple cookies, but also ice cream sandwiches or cannelloni.

Pizzelle maker

You don’t need to be an Italian mama, but it is essential to have a pizzelle maker, also named pizzelle iron. It works in a similar way to a waffle maker, and electric, modern devices are more practical than manual, handheld models.

List of best pizzelle makers

What is pizzelle?

Pizzelle is Italian for ‘round and flat’ which is the exact shape of the classic pizzelle. Because of the shape it also translates to ‘little pizza’. These cookies are made with flour, eggs, sugar, butter or vegetable oil, and some cooks will choose to add flavour such as vanilla, cocoa, and even food colouring. Once baked, whether soft and chewy or crispy, a flat pizzelle can be transformed into shapes. Cones and tubes for sweet cannoli are the most popular.

Pizzelle originates from southern Italy and it is said to be the oldest cookie in the world and was originally a treat during weddings and holidays, but today it is served commonly for dipping in coffee or appreciated as a crunchy thin cookie.

There are plenty of recipes online and we like this original Italian recipe.

How to use a pizzelle maker or pizzelle iron?

If you have used a waffle iron, then you will quickly master a pizzelle press. Traditional waffle makers and pizzelle makers are traditionally made of iron with long handles to hold the iron above the stovetop for the dough to bake.

Nowadays, there are modern electric versions that preheat to the correct temperature. Simply add the dough or batter and press both plates together to produce a thin, crispy cookie.

Once cooked, allow the cookie to cool down on a wire rack or shape it first as desired.

Things to consider before buying a pizzelle maker


As with other baking equipment, a quality product will produce an excellent result, and models with non-stick materials will make it easy. Your cookies or pizzelles will not only look great and be crisp, but your appliance will also be easier to clean.

Temperature settings

Temperature control is another important factor when baking and having adjustable settings to control heat is a must when baking these thin pizzelle cookies. Most models also have an indicator light to indicate exactly when the pizzelle maker is ready for baking or when the cookies are ready to remove.

Extra tools

Some brands offer extra tools alongside the pizzelle maker such as rolling tools or dowels to transform the cookies into cones or tubes.

Overview of best Cuisinart pizzelle press

Cuisinart WM-PZ10 Pizzelle Press, Silver (Renewed)

This pizzelle press is easy to use from start to finish and bakes two 4″ pizzelle at the time. Ready-to-bake and ready-to-eat indicator lights help to make the perfect cookie although there is also a 5 setting browning control. This model is delivered with a measuring scoop as well as a rolling Dowel and a recipe book.

CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker – Polished Electric Baker Press Makes Two 5-Inch Cookies

This pizzelle baker model makes 2 pizzelle cookies at one time. The cookies measure 5 inches which is a good size to make cones. We recommend reading the instructions before using it for the first time. Use a pastry brush to carefully coat the entire surface of both halves of the pizzelle baker with vegetable oil or melted butter.

The extra-thick baking plates ensure even heat distribution and cleaning the cooking grids is easy with just a wipe of a paper towel to absorb any remaining oil or butter from the grooves of the cookie pattern. The outside of the pizzelle maker can only be cleaned with a damp cloth as this appliance is not dishwasher safe.

Dash Holiday Mini Maker Set of Four

Dash is known to make good quality small appliances and this set of four mini makers is no different. Only one out of the four is a pizzelle maker and it is very accessible and easy for a beginner. The baking itself might seem a little slow but the result is still a crisp, evenly cooked pizzelle.

MasterChef Krumkake Baker

Who doesn’t want to be a masterchef? This model bakes two 5 inch krumkake cookies at a time. The nonstick cooking plates distribute heat evenly and are quick and easy to clean. The pizzelle-like cookies made in this machine have intricate designs, and can also be used as cannoli shells or cones.

Can I make pizzelles in a waffle maker?

Yes, you can make pizzelles in a waffle maker. You’ll find people that do, but they tend to be individuals that have lots of experience.

Pizzelle making can be tricky especially if the temperature of the equipment is not just right. Often, when learning how to make them with a waffle maker, they end up raw or burnt. In order to get the right combination immediately, it will be easier to learn on a pizzelle maker instead.

Another problem novices have is the thickness of the pizzelle. Even though you make them according to your own preferences, typically, they are thin and crispy. Again, when using a waffle iron, you have some testing to do to get them the way you want.

Also, if you want really delicate and intricate patterns on your pizzelles, it will be harder to achieve with the waffle iron. In fact, many pizzelle makers offer pretty designs to make it easier for you. You can quickly look like a pro!

So, although you can use a waffle iron to create your pizzelles, for the best results, a pizzelle maker is much better!

What are the differences between pizzelle irons and waffle irons?

When choosing between the best Italian pizzelle irons and Belgian waffle irons, it might be important to understand their unique differences.

1. Thickness

Waffles are meant to be deep to hold the butter and syrup that you traditionally eat on them. Thus, the waffle iron makes pockets for the toppings.

Pizzelles are meant to be thin and do not serve the same purpose as a waffle. They might be rolled as a cone to hold cream, or served as a cookie.

2. Batter

The waffle batter is much thicker and needs a longer time to cook whilst the pizzelle batter is thinner and crisps up quite quickly.

3. Suit the purpose

Each appliance suits the purpose it was made for. Even though you might use your waffle iron in a pinch to make pizzelles, you would not make a waffle in a pizzelle iron.

Highlights of the best pizzelle makers

Who would have thought that cookies could be made in hot presses?

To be honest, this is another great invention that Italian bakers have sent us. Such pretty treats that can be used for so many things on special occasions.

Roll them into cones and fill with whipped cream and strawberries, or eat as simple cookies with your bowl of ice-cream.

Some bakers add vanilla or anise to the batter and others sprinkle them with powdered sugar to slightly sweeten the pizzelles. An exceptionally nice treat is making a cookie sandwich out of them. Take two and add jam or chocolate spread between them.

And, if you really want to get fancy, the crisp, thin designs are perfect for adding to other creations such as cakes and pies as edible decorations!

By now, you probably have so many ideas for your own cookies choosing from our selection of the best pizzelle makers.

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