Cutting Made Easy with an Electric Kitchen knife

A good set of kitchen knives is important to easily cut a variety of delicate products, but an electric kitchen knife can make some cutting tasks easier. Whether you’re tackling roasts, slicing through crusty loaves of bread, or delicately carving up a beautifully roasted chicken or turkey, an electric carving knife will help achieve clean, uniform cuts with minimal effort.

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The latest electric knife models not only offer precision, but they also prioritise user-friendly features. As with other kitchen utensils and appliances, there are qualities and features to consider such as handle design, corded versus cordless options, and the quality of the blades for long-term usage. Modern designs have evolved, shedding their loud, bulky reputation for quiet, ergonomic designs, making cutting an art with little effort. 

List of best electric kitchen knives

Things to consider before buying an electric kitchen knife

Corded vs cordless

For regular home use, a corded model is suitable, providing continuous power, although the cord length is important and should be adequate for your workspace and outlet placement. A longer, flexible cord minimises inconvenience. If you plan to use it only for tableside use, determine if you’ll have access to an outlet or if you need a cordless model. Cordless knives are convenient for travel and outdoor activities like camping but these require charging. Ultimately, your choice between corded and cordless depends on your specific needs and preferences.


Electric knives with 20-25 cm (8 to 10 inch) blades offer versatility for various tasks, from carving roasts or bread to slicing cheese. Most models are within this size range, some even featuring dual blades, one for meats and another for softer foods like bread or cakes, but a single blade can handle most tasks effectively.

Electric knives typically have blades with serrated edges and are crafted from durable stainless steel, though some may be made of alloys or carbon. They’re designed with specific tasks in mind; for instance, bread knife blades are rounded and around 20-25 cm (8-10 inches) long, while carving knife blades feature a pointed tip and can range from 20 – 35 cm (8 -14 inches) in length. 


An electric carving knife is usually used for a big task that takes a while and therefore it is important to have a comfortable and secure grip when holding the device. It is also important to look for a light-weight option to be able to carve up a large piece of meat in order to stay in full control without cramping or tired hands.

Battery life

Electric knives come in two primary types: corded and cordless. Cordless knives offer excellent portability and convenience, but rely on batteries for power. To ensure uninterrupted usage, search for a model with a long-lasting batter. Rechargeable batteries are a good choice and advantageous in terms of cost efficiency and environmental impact, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimising waste.

Safety features

It is always important to keep knives in a safe place, but a locking system or trigger lock is especially important with electric knives ensuring the tool will never turn on accidentally. 


An electric kitchen knife is very helpful but not a must-have and this is exactly why you should determine how frequently you’ll use it. If your carving endeavours are sporadic, such as for a Thanksgiving turkey or a roast piece of meat, investing in the most budget-friendly model may suffice. However, if you anticipate frequent usage, you might consider allocating a little more of your budget towards a higher-quality, more durable electric knife model.

How to clean an electric knife

We recommend opting for removable blades to facilitate easy cleaning, as the base handle with the motor cannot be submerged in water. Once the blades are removed, simply hand-washing them in hot soapy water works best. 

Does an electric knife need sharpening?

If you take good care of your electric knife, similar to manual serrated knives, it should not need sharpening often. Sharpening electric knife blades is a task best handled by professionals due to its complexity. Unlike standard knives, electric knife blades cannot be sharpened with a traditional whetstone or electric knife sharpener. Each indentation on the serrated edge must be sharpened individually, which can be time-consuming and challenging, especially considering electric knives have two reciprocating blades, doubling the workload.

To sharpen your electric knife blades at home, you’ll need a specialised sharpening rod, also called a tapered honing rod, distinct from a honing rod, and it’s crucial to remove the blades from the power handle beforehand. If you have never sharpened an electric knife, please contact a professional to teach you how to sharpen it correctly.

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How powerful are electric knives?

Electric knives are available at 100 watts, 150 watts, or 200 watts. These will make any cutting job easy. For cutting or carving through frozen food, you might need higher wattages.  

Overview of best electric kitchen knives

Best cordless – Elite Gourmet EK9810 Professional Cordless Rechargeable Easy-Slice Electric Knife with 4 Serrated Blades and Safety Lock

We prefer a cordless electric knife. Not that we use it often but when we are at our mum’s and a big roast is served, we sometimes use it as she doesn’t have the knives we are used to. This model has a removable recharging cable that allows easy handling without a cumbersome power cord. It’s good to know that full charging takes only 1.5 hours for up to 70-minutes of continuous use.

The two sets of reciprocating, serrated blades have safety finger guards and are perfect for slicing meat and bread. The lightweight design makes it easy to hold the electric knife and if you happen to have a problem with this tool, there is a one-year warranty and good customer service.

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Best budget – BLACK+DECKER Comfort Grip Electric Knife with 7-Inch Stainless Steel Blades

If you occasionally use an electric knife, then this budget model is a great choice. The 7-inch blades cut easily through meats, breads, and foam, and more. The ergonomic handle has a comfortable grip to ensure good control during slicing.

A lock button prevents the knife from turning on accidentally while it’s plugged in. The blades can be easily removed and are dishwasher safe.

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Most popular – Cuisinart Electric Knife with Cutting Board, Stainless Steel/Black

Cuisinart is a popular brand for many kitchen utensils and it’s no different for their electric knife. This set includes a blade, power handle, carving/serving fork, bamboo cutting board and storage tray. However, there is the option to only purchase the knife with one or two blades. Another reason why we like the set is because the handle, blade and fork can be easily stored into the storage tray with the cutting board stored below keeping all parts together in a kitchen cabinet.

A comfortable ergonomic handle is perfect for right and left-handed use and a very sharp blade cuts easily through all kinds of food. One press of a button locks or unlocks the blades for easy cleaning. There is a 3-year warranty but you will need to refer to the user manual for exact policies.

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Best set – Hamilton Beach Electric Knife Set

This Hamilton electric knife features reciprocating serrated blades and a carving fork which is always handy while carving and for serving. The ergonomic handle has a comfortable feel and gives you better control during cutting tasks.

A plastic storage case is included to keep the knife, blade and fork protected and easily accessible in one convenient place. These blades are not dishwasher safe but can easily be washed by hand with warm soapy water.

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Best for fish – Bubba 110V Electric Fillet Knife with Non-Slip Grip Handle

We recommend an electric fillet knife only for people who already have filleting skills. The non-slip grip handle provides ultimate knife control and has a trigger guard for added security. This fillet knife speeds up prepping fish at home, in a professional kitchen, or for filleting a fresh catch on a boat. The long power cord of 2.4 metres (8 feet) makes it easy to move around bigger species although we would prefer a cordless model.

The blades are removable for easy cleaning and can be stored in a special section of the zippered storage case.

Are electric knives good?

Electric knives are often underestimated in their versatility, but they are actually highly useful tools in the kitchen. Their multi-purpose functionality makes them a worthwhile investment. While carving meats like turkeys, hams, and roasts is their primary use, electric knives excel in many other scenarios and are recognised for their effectiveness across various tasks beyond cooking.

Electric knives offer endless possibilities and it bring convenience to your culinary adventures.

Can you cut bread with an electric knife?

You surely can cut bread with an electric knife. It is perfect for slicing soft loaves of bread without smashing them or compromising their texture. Corded and cordless models, as well as those with additional accessories are all suitable, but for optimal versatility, consider electric knives equipped with 8 – 10 inch blades.

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