Welcome to culinary ambition

Hello everyone, we are Yannick and Ilse from France and Belgium. We met on the beautiful coconut island Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand. Yannick was executive chef at a boutique resort and Ilse was a tour guide. Two decades have passed and since we started our adventures together, we cooked our way around a good part of world while working and living the ultimate expat life in several countries.

It took us 20 years but we are now ‘brave’ enough to tackle the internet.

After working in the best hotels and resorts, owning our own semi-fine dining restaurant and helping others realise their own culinary dreams, we are ready to share our common love of travelling, a passion for good food and an appetite for high standards.

From Thailand to Vietnam, from Qatar to Abu Dhabi and Singapore to China… We want to make cooking accessible to all, whatever your experience, without the complicated culinary techniques.

We want to inspire you
to develop your culinary ambition
and enjoy fun travels

We are will share classic recipes, fun & functional recipes and most of all recipes that are part of our stories and travels. Local and seasonal produces have our preference but catering to an international crowd and in remote places makes it sometimes challenging. However, we try our very best to substitute with locally produced products.

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For the culinary part, we will inform you with tips and tricks on the techniques, ingredients and equipment. We hope these will help to develop your culinary ambitions.

We will also let you have a look into our lives with blogs that tell you about the countries we lived and traveled. We will also include the necessary tips of the best places and sights we enjoyed everywhere. We will also rely on extensive online feedback as well as updates from close friends who still live where we ‘passed by’.

We want to offer you a site with loads of information to create happiness in your life, inside and outside the kitchen!

Yannick & Ilse