9 Salmon Recipes You Won’t Be Able to Resist

Salmon is probably the most versatile fish which can be cooked in many ways. Whether it’s grilled, pan-fried, roasted, poached or served in a salad or as sushi it’s always flavourful and delicious. It is a perfect weeknight dinner, but salmon is equally suitable for any celebration or during the festive season.

Is salmon healthy?

Farmed species might not have the best reputation but with wild salmon you get a healthy fish packed with plenty of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins. The pink colour of salmon comes from its rich levels of a protective antioxidant called astaxanthin. This compound has been linked to lowering the risk of heart disease and cholesterol.

We have already shared many salmon dishes since we started our blog, but we want to be sure you don’t miss out, and decided to make this overview of our top-rated salmon recipes. There is something for every occasion with different cooking styles and methods.

Overview of salmon recipes

  1. Salmon mousse

Celebrate a great occasion while devouring this delicious mousse. It’s easy to spread on toast and pairs well with a refreshing glass of wine.

Salmon mousse
Salmon always gives a gourmet touch to your aperitif or dinner
Check out this recipe
rillette of salmon
  1. Salmon Devilled eggs

It doesn’t take long to transform the classic version of devilled eggs into this stylish salmon variety.

Devilled eggs with smoked salmon
Turn this very classic dish into a more stylish version with smoked salmon. Still easy and quick to prepare! Great to prepare as an alternative.
Check out this recipe
Devilled eggs with smoked salmon
  1. Home smoked salmon

It takes only a few minutes to smoke salmon at home and elevate an average dish into an exceptional one. Gift yourself a good smoking gun and you will enjoy many special dishes!

Instant Smoked Salmon with baby potatoes
Instant smoked salmon takes only a few minutes and it will change some average dishes into exceptional recipes.
Check out this recipe
home smoked salmon
  1. Salmon ceviche

Catapult your guests to Latin America with this traditional ceviche dish. Raw fish of the highest quality, lime and chilli are the main ingredients of this hearty recipe. Peruvians add sweet potatoes and corn to make it into a perfect main course.

Ceviche of scallops and salmon
Ceviche is great if you want a nutritious meal without a lot of effort.
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ceviche in glass
  1. Smoked salmon spring rolls

Fresh spring rolls are a crowd pleaser and this Western style variety is no different. These are made in a similar way as the classic version and the spicy dips are substituted with herbal chimichurri and a regular cocktail sauce.

Fresh spring rolls with salmon carpaccio
We created a European version of the classic spring rolls with salmon to please everyone's taste buds.
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springrolls with smoked salmon
  1. Salmon pesto tagliatelli

This pasta recipe might sound complicated but it is very straightforward and there is plenty of room for creativity! You can prepare most ingredients well in advance and reduce your cooking time so you have plenty of time to serve.

Salmon Pesto Tagliatelle
This recipe might look like it needs a lot of effort, but it is pretty easy and there is room for creativity.
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Salmon Pesto Tagliatelle
  1. One side cooked salmon

The heat from the bottom of the pan creates a crisp crust and will steam through the fish. Cooking salmon on one side is not just fashionable but it keeps the salmon moist and juicy as this cooking process prevents it from drying out and retains all flavours.

One Side Cooked Salmon à l’unilateral
The French wording means the fish is cooked over low heat on one side only.
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salmon a l'unilateral
  1. Salmon carpaccio

This is a perfect light recipe that needs no cooking time and it can be prepared in a short time. Add your own twist with a variety of dressings and change the flavours each time you serve it.

Salmon Carpaccio with Pickled Radishes
Salmon carpaccio is a light dish and the perfect way to start a meal. This delicious recipe is straightforward to make and can be prepared with fresh or smoked salmon.
Check out this recipe
salmon carpaccio
  1. Salmon en papillote

All flavours are tightly packed in the papillote resulting in moist, tender, and fragrant fish.Preparing the salmon ‘en papillote’ is an effective way to prepare and cook the fish perfectly. 

Salmon en Papillote
Preparing the salmon ‘en papillote’ is an effective way to prepare and cook the fish perfectly.
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salmon en papillote

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