5 Easy Homemade Jam and Marmalade Recipes

Jams are known and appreciated around the world but harvesting seasons are often short, so it is a great idea to capture the freshness of the fruit for later use. Homemade jam and marmalade is a wonderful way to transform these flavours and preserve seasonal products. 

homemade jam and marmalade

From classic recipes to more daring concoctions, we love the variety of jams available! Some can be consumed alone or as a spread on toast for breakfast, to accompany a cheese platter or they can be used into other recipes like desserts and sauces. From strawberries to cherries and persimmons with vanilla flavour, our list is extensive. 

The difference between jam and marmalade is an important fact. Both taste great but there are significant variants when it comes to identifying them. Jam is made with whole fruits, and marmalades with whole citrus fruits including the rind.

Get the right tools, pick the fruit that is in season, and follow our easy recipes! Making jam is not technical and it needs only little attention during cooking. Can we turn you into a jam or marmalade lover? 

  1. Chunky cherry jam
cherry jam

The harvesting season for cherries is short, but preserving them and making jam is a fantastic way to enjoy this delicious fruit all year. It will come as no surprise that this recipe is bursting with chunky cherries and summer flavours.

2. Tea infused white peach jam

peach jam

White peaches can be difficult to find but when you can get hold of them, it is certainly worth preserving some for later. Infusing jasmine tea lifts this jam recipe to the next level.

3. Persimmon jam with vanilla

persimmon jam with bread

Persimmons are another wonderful ingredient for jam and it is straightforward to prepare. Jam made of this fruit is not readily available at stores and making it yourself is the only way to capture these unique flavours.

4. Kumquat marmalade

kumquat marmelade

Marmalade is not everyone’s most favourite type of preserved fruit because of its bitter taste. Removing the membranes of the kumquat fruit avoids any bitterness, so we are sure you will love this recipe! A supplement of orange adds juice and natural sweetness while some lemon is responsible for the tanginess in this recipe. 

5. Orange marmalade

orange marmalade

Perfect for breakfast, desserts or high tea, this foolproof marmalade recipe is the perfect way to preserve oranges. Add your own twist by mixing oranges with other citrus fruit!

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