Why France is the Perfect Destination for Foodies

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France is renowned for its exquisite cuisine, boasting a variety of flavours and textures that have tantalized the taste buds of foodies across the globe. From Michelin-starred restaurants to local bistros, France offers an array of culinary delights for all types of food lovers. Whether you’re looking for fine dining experiences or just want to explore the street food scene, France is the perfect destination for a foodie adventure. Yannick is French and a chef, so we’ll give you a few reasons why France is an ideal destination for foodies.  

Variety of foods 

France is among the countries that offer the most variety in terms of cuisine. There’s something for everyone, from classic French favourites like coq au vin and steak tartare to more regional dishes like piperade and magret de canard. No matter what type of food you’re looking for, there’s something for you in France. From the classic quiche Lorraine to hearty dishes such as cassoulet or bouillabaisse, there is something for everyone. You can also find regional specialties like ratatouille in Provence or choucroute in Alsace. With each region being geographically different, the variety is huge and very diverse depending on where you choose to visit. 

The choice of French cuisine’s traditional and modern sides is yours. In each region, experienced chefs demonstrate how to prepare some of the best dishes that the country has to offer. 

Variety of drinks 

Decent food pairs well with drinks, and in France you can find a variety of delicious drinks with French wines and Champagne topping the list. When visiting, why not participate in wine tasting (tasting French wine in France) by signing up for a winery tour and learn more about the winemaking process whilst sampling some of the country’s best wines. Visiting various locations and vineyards will allow you to explore the culture and history of winemaking in France. Every time we travel to France, we always take time to visit a vineyard and enjoy the delicious ‘grape juice’. 

High-quality ingredients and savoir-faire 

When it comes to food, quality is key. France takes pride in its high-quality ingredients, which are produced locally or sustainably sourced from other markets. This ensures that all dishes prepared with these ingredients are as fresh and flavourful as possible. You can also be sure that the food you’re eating is healthy, as many ingredients are organic and pesticide-free. 

France is also famous for its artisanal cheeses, charcuterie, and other delicacies. A huge part of why France is the perfect destination for foodies lies in the ‘savoir faire’ or experience that it offers. The artisans put their heart and soul into making these products and sell them on local markets or in cooperatives. Although local and often small operations, these products are controlled and labelled to ensure you enjoy the highest quality of products and flavours. 

Home to the super chefs 

Most top chefs you see on TV shows are French or have been trained by French chefs, and it’s easy to see why when you visit the country. Alain Ducasse, Paul Bocuse, and Guy Savoie are a few to name. These world-renowned super chefs are masters at their craft with some offering cooking classes where you can meet them in person and learn how to prepare some of the classic dishes yourself. 

During these master classes, you not only get to enjoy delicious meals but also gain valuable insight into the art of French cuisine. So, if you want to learn from the best, France is an ideal destination. Make sure to book your sessions early, as these classes often book up quickly. 

Michelin star restaurants 

Explore local markets and bistros to find new dishes or spend time in one of the many Michelin-starred restaurants for a luxurious meal. Besides the above-mentioned top chefs are many others who might be less famous but surely can offer you a fine dining experience to never forget! 

explaining michelin stars

Of the 142 restaurants with 3 Michelin stars are thirty-one located in France which gives you ample choice.  

Food festivals 

If you want more to do, make sure to plan your trip around one of the many festivals held all year around in France. Whether you like to indulge in oysters, truffles, jambon, lemons, cherries, Champagne or any other product, there will be a food festival for you in France.  


Getting to your destination without stress is important and when it comes to travelling, France is incredibly accessible. It’s easily reachable by air, train, or road and the country is well-connected internally too. The roads are well maintained if you want to get around by car, while the high-speed trains allow you to reach and explore the different regions quickly, and for longer distances there are internal flights. You can explore by yourself or get it organised so you can only relax. Travelstride gathered plenty of travel organisations on one platform, and you only have to choose which one suits your needs.

You can move from city to city, trying out different dishes and seeing some of the best sights France offers. 

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