5 Best Tofu Presses to Ensure Maximum Taste

Tofu is a protein-rich, low-fat, cholesterol and gluten free soy product frequently used in recipes to replace meat. Pre-packaged tofu blocks often contain a lot of excess water which is best removed before frying, grilling, baking or marinating to avoid it falling apart and to optimise flavour and texture. A tofu press will help to extract this water while retaining the shape of the tofu block during cooking.

different kinds of tofu for tofu press

Whether you are vegetarian, vegan or occasionally incorporate this plant-based alternative into dishes, a tofu press is a cheap gadget, easy to use, and ensures simple and hassle free cooking of tofu.

List of best tofu presses

Things to consider before buying a tofu press


Box press or plate-style presses are the two available styles of tofu presses. 

* Plate-style models are constructed with two flat plates to fit tofu in between. The plates are pressured together with the help of knobs or bolt heads.

* Box presses consist of a box or container and a top plate with a spring mechanism. Once the tofu block is inside the box, the top plate can be placed on top and pushed down. 


Tofu presses are available in plastic, bamboo, and stainless steel. Plastic presses are the cheapest and the easiest to use and clean. Bamboo presses are as good as the plastic ones and are often chosen by the eco-conscious. Stainless steel presses are the most sturdy and durable and definitely the best choice for those who prepare tofu often. 

Ease of use

Most presses are easy to use but in general box style presses are more convenient to use as there is less unnecessary adjustment of knobs and the pressing is done more evenly.  


A tofu press is simple and straightforward, but you might like to invest in one with some added features such as a sleek design, lattice panels to drain out water, warranty, guarantee, and other add-ons such as a cheesecloth, and recipe books.

Overview of best tofu presses

Most popular box press – Tofuture Tofu Press – The Original and the Best Tofu Press

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This stylish, compact, sturdy and portable tofu press by Tofuture is easy to use with only 3 parts to allow mess-free pressing without the need for paper towels. Simply place the tofu into the box and pull down the clips before leaving it in the fridge. The box fits 8-12 Oz (225-350gr) blocks of tofu, and the 3 adjustable settings can press the product gently or firmly depending on your preference or required firmness for a recipe. The water collects in the outer container and leaves the tofu separated from the extracted water. This press is dishwasher safe and comes with a two year warranty.

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Most popular plate-style press – EZ Tofu Press

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The EZ Tofu Press is on the larger side and can press small or large pieces of tofu into firm blocks in under 15 minutes. To achieve the required firmness the pressure level should be increased every two to three minutes via hand-controlled knobs. 

Since there is no separate compartment to catch the expelled water from the tofu, we recommend placing the press into a baking dish or other larger container with depth. The plastic design makes it a dishwasher safe gadget.

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Best bamboo – Yarkor Bamboo Tofu Press

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The Yarkor tofu plate-style press is natural, environmentally friendly and squeezes slowly but gradually all the water out of the tofu in 5 to 15 minutes to leave you with a dense block. Best results are obtained with a standard size tofu block no thicker than 8-12 oz (225-350gr). Each plate has a screw and bolt at the side that can be tightened to remove the liquid. Adjusting the pressure on the tofu is also very simple. The built-in drip tray and strainer holds the excess water which can easily being poured off without making a mess

This press comes with a cheesecloth for cheese, yoghurt, and frozen spinach pressing and straining.

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Best plastic – TofuXpress Gourmet Tofu Press

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This TofuXpress is a little more expensive, but it produces seriously firm tofu after less than 15 minutes every time. It’s easy to use, and the accompanying instruction book makes it probably the best choice for those who are new to cooking with tofu. The combination of FDA-approved thermoplastic and stainless steel means it is built to last and easy to clean.

There is only one press setting, so it doesn’t need continuous tightening. Once the spring lid is locked, leave it in the fridge for as long or little as needed. The excess water is collected at the top of the container, rather than the bottom and can be drained whenever you are ready to cook. The container’s base also doubles as a lid to make it a useful storage container after the tofu is prepared.

Best stainless steel – Raw Rutes – Tofu Press Ninja

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This tofu press is partially made of recycled materials which makes it an eco-friendly choice. Its minimalist design comes without springs, screws, or rubber bands meaning a reduced possibility of breaking. The weighted top does all the magic and is heavy enough to extract water from tofu blocks and even canned veggies without smashing them completely. 

How to use a tofu press

Removing excess water from tofu helps improve the ability of tofu to absorb flavours. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use your tofu press.

  1. Open the tofu press:
    Drain any water from the tofu package.
  2. Prepare the press:
    Unclamp or unscrew the press to fit the tofu block.
  3. Place the tofu in the press:
    Set the tofu between the plates of the press, making sure it is in the centre for even weight distribution.
  4. Close the tofu press:
    Tighten the clamps or screws, applying slight pressure on the tofu block.
  5. Slowly adjust the pressure:
    Tighten the clamps or screws a bit more after a few minutes. Do this gradually to avoid smashing the tofu. Too much pressure too quickly can cause the tofu to crack or crumble.
  6. Drain the water:
    As the tofu gets pressed, water will come out. Ensure you’re doing this over a sink or bowl if your press doesn’t have a water-catching tray.
  7. Press for at least 15-30 minutes:
    The longer you press, the firmer the texture. But, if you’re short on time, some pressing is better than none, so it may not be as long as recommended.
  8. Remove the tofu:
    Unclamp or unscrew the press to take out the tofu. It’s now ready for your recipe.
  9. Please remember:
    Different types of tofu presses might work slightly differently, so it’s a good idea to read any instructions that came with your specific model.

Is a tofu press essential?

You can press tofu between a towel and use plates or other heavy materials to drain the water, but if you are serious about cooking with tofu, it is recommended and worthwhile to own a press. Not only will you be able to guarantee texture and enhance flavour, but the tofu will also be crispier when baked, fried or grilled.

dry tofu between kitchen towel

What tofu needs to be pressed?

Silken tofu or soft tofu is not made to be pressed. However, we do recommend pressing medium, and firm to extra firm tofu each time before cooking. Do note that some firm tofu is vacuum-packed and might be already pressed and even marinated.

Highlights of the best tofu presses

As more people find new ways to prepare tofu and use it in their recipes, many more presses will be manufactured. Companies will create different designs to help cooks prepare their tofu in a shorter time frame than using paper towels and pressing by hand.

As you can see from our reviews above, the best tofu presses are the ones that are popular and do the job of keeping tofu firm while being easy to use.

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