5 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids

Preparing the perfect lunch is one thing but finding a new and interesting yet functional lunch box is another task. Extra stress in the morning is undesirable and sending your kids to school with nutritious food packed in a lunch box they want to open and consume is the main goal. 

best lunch boxes for kids

Choosing a lunch box depends on important factors such as the type of lunch your kids like, their age and personal style, as well as what’s currently trending. Hot or cold, snacks or some fruit, there is a lunch box for each!

There are many different lunch boxes on the market to consider, and this buying guide includes a variety to help you choose. 

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Overview of best lunch boxes

Things to consider before buying a lunch box


BPA-free material is ideal as it is safe to store food. A box should seal well and keep unwrapped items fresh. Separate sections are easy to pack different foods in one box. Check that they are big enough for the amount of food your kids eat.


Is it only for snacks or do you pack a full lunch? Your kids will eat more as they get older which will influence the size of the lunch box. It is important to choose a non-bulky lunch box as kids may not wish to carry them if they don’t fit into their bags.


The easiest choice is for a lunch box to be dishwasher safe, but always check if lids and boxes can be separated as it’s easier for washing and drying. You might consider buying 2 lunch boxes for each of your children, just in case they forget one or you don’t have time to clean for the next day.

Reviews of best lunch boxes

1. Most popular – Bentgo Kids Children’s Lunch Box

With over 22,000 reviews this bright coloured bento box is the most popular lunch box. In general, they are a good choice for children, because of the five compartments that allow you to separate food and snacks. The size and solidity with rubber-coated edges of this truly leak-proof lunch box is perfect for kids up to 7 years old. The best part of this Bentgo box is that you support the charitable brand ‘Feed the children’, a non-profit organisation.

2. Best for snacks – EasyLunchboxes – Bento Snack Boxes

You can’t really pack a full lunch in this box, but this brand is perfect to pack snacks. This set comes with 4 boxes with brightly coloured lids that are stackable, portable and they each have 4 perfectly portioned compartments. The lids are child-friendly that stay securely on, but can be easily removed by toddlers, however they are not leak-proof.

The boxes are dishwasher safe and also can be used in the freezer and microwave.

3. Best for warm food – OmieBox Bento Box

Another bento lunch box has made this list! This OmieBox is insulated and has an additional, removable leak-proof thermos for liquids. Dividers separate the box into rectangular different sized compartments. You can store hot and cold food in the same box thanks to the two temperature zones. The thermos is pretty hard work for little kids to open but most parents love the versatility and that this box comes apart for easy cleaning. All rubber seals are removable and if the seals get worn or damaged after long usage, you can purchase replacement seals instead of throwing the whole box out.

4. Best for small kids – Wildkin Insulated Lunch Box

This insulated lunch bag comes in an array of fun patterns and is spacious enough to fit a full lunch for your pre-schoolers. It is play proof, durable and easy to clean with a washcloth, and the insulation is made to keep hot and cold temperatures stable throughout the day.

The interior is designed with a mesh pocket, backpack and lunch box matching gear. The easy access front pocket fits a 16 oz water bottle.

5. Best budget – FlowFly Insulated Soft Bag

This small lunch kit is durable and easy to clean. The insulation helps retain hot and cold temperatures the whole day to ensure food quality, freshness and taste.

This model is lightweight and holds a good-sized container with plenty of room for snacks, utensils and juice boxes or a thermos. The zippered mesh front pocket is perfect for napkins or even an ice pack. When finished with lunch, this bag is collapsible for easy storage.

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