5 Best Kitchen Torches for Home Cooks

kitchen torches

A kitchen torch might not seem like an essential tool, but once you have one, you’ll never look back and will find it useful for a variety of preparations in your day-to-day cooking. The hot flame is perfect for roasting peppers enabling easy peeling as well as searing steaks, melting cheese, and caramelising sugar on a delicious crème brûlée.

The torches are uncomplicated to use. Think about how you will use one and check out our guide which highlights an assortment of models with a variety of functions. 

List of best kitchen torches

Things to consider before buying 


Not all kitchen torches have safety features, but some have safety locks to prevent automatic or accidental ignitions. A few models have finger guards for extra safety which is beneficial for beginners. 


Design is not the most important feature, but it is recommended to have a model with a light, comfortable, and secure grip. The most important part of the design is in an adjustable flame control function. 


A kitchen torch needs fuel. Some models have universal sources and others require specific fuel. Always check with the brand if fuel is delivered with the device or if it needs to be ordered separately. 

Overview of best kitchen torches

1. Best Overall – Iwatani International PRO2 Culinary Butane Torch

This is without doubt the best performing kitchen torch on the market. Iwatani is a classic Japanese brand known for its high-quality torches and used by many professional chefs and by us. The torch head screws directly onto the fuel canister which lasts for 100 minutes without the hassle of refilling, but it does need to be purchased separately. A one-touch knob turns this torch on and controls the size and shape of the flame. 

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Sondiko is by far the most popular kitchen torch. It is made from durable aluminium alloy, highly sturdy and durable for long-lasting performance. A broad base stabilises the torch and the angled nozzle and finger guard ensure safety. The torch can be lit with the Piezo ignition technology after sliding the safety lock open. Piezo ignition uses the Impact upon a special crystal to create a spark and no electric connection is required. Refilling can be done with any brand of butane gas, and the temperature and flame size can be adjusted for your baking or cooking needs.

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3. Best for beginners – Jo Chef Refillable Butane Torch

This torch has been designed for culinary novices. It is safe and easy to use with multiple safety locks, an adjustable flame and temperature features. The control features mean this torch is also useful for other purposes such as lighting cigars or candles. It is the perfect present for a foodie as this torch is delivered in an attractive gift box with a recipe e-book and a 90-days money back guarantee.

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4. Best for crème brûlée – Spicy Dew Blow Torch – creme brulee torch – refillable

Crème brûlée needs a perfect layer of crispy caramelised sugar. This torch, like most torches, is a multipurpose tool for indoor and outdoor use and has anti-flare technology. Refuelling is easy due to the clear fuel gauge window, and the torch will last for up to 60 minutes. A child lock as well as a flame guard and hand guard add to the safety of this model. The beautiful gift box makes it another good choice as a present. There is a 3-year warranty.

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5. Best budget – FunOwlet Butane Torch Kitchen Blow Lighter

If you plan to use your torch infrequently then this budget kitchen torch is a good choice. 

Its appearance is similar to the Iwatani torch and works in the same way. Take care to purchase the correct canisters as you need the metal ring around the top to ensure correct fitting. The flame is a little inconsistent at times and it might flare out. This product comes with a 2-year guarantee and great customer service.

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