20 Best Gifts for Real Foodies – for all Budgets

The holiday season is just around the corner and the hunt for perfect presents is on!

Finding the right gifts for real foodies doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether your culinary friend is a young professional, a seasoned chef or an amateur who likes cooking at home, you will want to give them the perfect culinary gift, tool or gadget they’ll use often.

gifts for real foodies

Do you search for a present for a cook, or for someone who is keen on baking?

There is an endless variety to choose from, from professional equipment to funny gadgets and trendy tools, from luxury goods to necessities. Don’t worry, we are two professionals, and know exactly what we would choose ????. Checkout our overview of kitchen gift ideas to suit every budget, and bring a smile to the face of culinary friends.

Luxury gifts for real foodies

Sous vide precision cooker

This cooker might sound unfamiliar and new to many, but chefs and cooking enthusiasts love this machine as it does most of the work for them while they cook other dishes. It will be much appreciated for cooks who want to present restaurant-worthy food.

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Vacuum machine

A vacuum machine goes with the precision cooker. It is essential to seal the bags with food before submerging in the water bath.

EVERPRIDE Chef Knife Roll Bag

Knives are the most precious tool in a kitchen and this knife roll bag has stretchy pockets that can store up to 10 knives and other kitchen tools. It is compact, easy to transport knives for camping or outdoor parties, and it is safe to carry knives this way. 

A Wüsthof chef knife

A chef’s knife is always a good gift for a cook. We have a nice selection at home but there is always room for more, so you can’t go wrong with this gift. If you are not sure about this exact chef knife, browse further because there are many kinds that are suitable. 

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Selection of Truffle oil 

Flavoured oils uplift dishes and truffle oil is a cut above many other oils.  Black truffle oil, white truffle oil and English truffle oil are presented beautifully in a luxury gift box. They are used in moderation and this is why you and your gift will be remembered for a long time.

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Mid-range gifts for real foodies

Reversible indoor grill

This reversible grill-griddle with one side ribbed for cooking fish, meat or vegetables and the other smooth for pancakes is perfect to create an indoor grill on a stove top. Buy this for a friend and invite yourself for an indoor grill party ????!

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Spiralizer vegetable slicer

A spiralizer is a kitchen gadget used for turning vegetables, such as zucchinis, potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, parsnips, and beetroots, into noodle-like strings which can be used as an alternative for pasta. This gadget helps to present dishes more attractively and imaginatively.

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Mandoline slicer

Mandoline slicers are the best tools for precision cutting and slicing! They are great for slicing everything from potatoes for a gratin, to making chips, and for slicing soft fruits and vegetables. They offer consistency and speed non comparable to other kitchen utensils. 

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Pasta machine

A pasta machine makes the preparation of pasta easier. The pasta will be ‘rolled’ out evenly and most manual machines also have the extra tools that cut pasta in different shapes. This pasta maker will take your next Italian dish to the next level. 

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Deluxe can opener

A chef might not use a lot of canned food, but this deluxe Cuisinart can opener is still a great gift. It has a sturdy, wide base and a sleek design, which looks good on any kitchen counter.

Kitchen blender

The NutriBullet is not just a compact blender, but is the fastest, easiest solution to make smoothies and liquidize whole foods. It’s safe and easy to clean by twisting off the blade, rinsing with soap and water, and putting the cups in the dishwasher. 

Non stick bakeware set

This non-stick bakeware set is multifunctional and will be appreciated by both bakers and cooks.  Savoury and sweet dishes are now easier to cook without sticking to the pans!

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The ultimate cheese making kit

Cheese lovers will be thrilled with this hands-on cheese making kit. It has everything to teach you how to make not only one cheese but up to 10 different types! Fun assured!

A gourmet salt sampler

Salt brings out flavour in dishes. This salt sampler lets you discover the many nuances of crunch and natural flavours. This selection of 16 all natural sea salts, each one rich in flavour and 84 trace minerals and completely unrefined will be appreciated by any chef. 

Budget gifts for real foodies

Chef’s apron

Professional chefs have a chef’s jacket but they opt more and more for a good-looking apron. Home chefs will love this pretty apron made from 100% cotton African Ankara wax fabric.  It looks smart for chefs and mixologists will also like this apron!

Cookbook stand

Some don’t need recipe books and know the measurements by heart, but others need a cookbook. This adjustable bamboo stand fits with any kitchen style and holds cookbooks as well as a tablet to read recipes. It is foldable for easy storage. 

The flavour bible

Even the best chef likes to learn more about food and flavours. The flavour bible combines the experiences of dozens of leading chefs in top restaurants. Its content explains all about taste and flavours to create “deliciousness” in any dish.

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A funny mug

This is the perfect mug to bring a smile to someone’s face. It’s compact and it’s something which can be used every day.

Himalayan salt shot glasses

Chefs like to try different things and making craft cocktails are often activities they like besides cooking. In the end, it is all about combining flavour, and mixology is similar, only with liquids. These shot glasses are great to show off with a different, original presentation.

Farmhouse kitchen dish towels

Kitchen towels are practical but why not offer some funny ones. They can be used as home decoration in the kitchen and bar or they can be used daily for cooking and baking. It’s also a perfect housewarming gift.

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