5 Best Cherry Pitters

Cherry pitters come in different sizes and designs. They are not indispensable in the kitchen but it is a very handy device, designed for the task, and more fun to help remove cherry pits and keep the fruit intact.

best cherry pitters

There are some household tricks to pit cherries, such as with a toothpick or a paperclip but it can be a pretty messy affair. Luckily, there is a solution to everything, and an extra gadget is always welcome in the kitchen to make cooking more fun! 

What looks like a useless gadget, can save you plenty of time and most of these pitters are versatile and easy to use on olives or other same size fruits. Depending on how many cherries you consume, or how many recipes you make with them, design and size are important. Is a single pitter good enough or should you rather choose a multiple pitter? To help you decide, we have outlined a selection of available cherry pitters on the market. 

List of best Cherry pitters

Cherry pitters reviews

As you can see from our list above, our reviews are based on a specific feature. Although there are all kinds of cherry pitters to choose from, your specific use will help decide which one is best for your purpose.

Whatever model you finally buy, one thing we do know is this. If you use cherries in any of your cooking or baking, you will need to remove the pits, and that is pretty hard to do without a cherry pitter tool.

Things to consider before buying a cherry pitter tool

Ease of use

While most cherry pitters are manual, some require more effort than others. Look at the way they assemble before use, how many pieces the device has and how easy it is to clean. Is the cherry pitter of your choice dishwasher safe? 


Time is money and if you are baking or canning a lot of fresh cherries and would like to reduce your prep time, it is important to choose a pitter that is suitable for multiple cherries at once. If you only cook with cherries sporadically, a handheld tool will be good enough. Besides, handheld tools usually deliver better quality of pitting and leave the cherries complete.


Splatter guards can reduce the amount of mess in your kitchen. Another feature that comes with most devices that are made for larger amounts of pitting are containers to catch the pits.

Overview of best cherry pitters

Most popular – OXO Good Grips Cherry and Olive Pitter

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It has a sleek design and has very good feedback from Amazon buyers. The plastic splatter guard keeps juice from, you guessed it, splattering everywhere. This tool works for large as well as small cherries and olives, one at the time. While the comfortable handle is easy to hold, it also has perfect pit removal statistics. The entire tool is dishwasher safe and a handy lock keeps this cherry pitter closed for convenient storage.

Best multiple – Prepworks by Progressive Cherry Pitter Olive Tool Remover

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This model can pit six cherries at once. We recommend using similar sizes each time for perfect pitting. Aligning all fruit in the same direction is a must for the tool to do the work for you with very little effort. This table top model has a non-skid base to keep the pitter stable. The zinc prongs push pits through into a removable catcher while the fruit remains intact. Disassembling is easy for this dishwasher safe tool.

Best for large quantities – Leifheit Cherry Pitter with Stone Catcher Container

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There are three parts on this device. The spring action plunger, a storage unit and the exit ramp. A large amount of cherries or olives go into the top section before dropping into the pitter. Press the plunger down for the pits to part into the clear, spacious container while the cherries roll out through the chute into an external bowl. The entire device is dishwasher safe. Best tool if you are baking a lot!

Best for kids – Talisman Designs Chomper Cherry Pitter

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The design will surely encourage your kids to help. Although it is not chosen as the best pitter of the bunch, most buyers describe it as practical and fun for the kids. The plunger is hidden and the front teeth function as an extra guard which makes it the safest design of our selection. Place one cherry in the mouth and push the head down to pit it. You can see the pit falling into the base. The fruit can then be taken out of the mouth. All parts disassemble easily and are dishwasher safe.

Best budget – Yillsen Cherry Pitter Remover, Heavy Duty Zinc Alloy Cherry Stoner

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There are no extra parts, nor is the design particularly sexy, but this simple, easy to use, straightforward tool is practical and does what it needs to do, pitting cherries one after another. It is dishwasher safe and a latch will lock it to keep it safe with your other kitchen gadgets.

Highlights of the best cherry pitters

Of course you can always cut your cherries with a knife and pull the pit out by hand, but think of how long it will take to do if you need a lot of cherries. Baking pies, for instance, will take forever just preparing the cherries.

Another benefit of the cherry pitter tool is that when eating cherries for a snack, it is much safer for your teeth as the pits are quite hard if you bite on them. Likewise, pitting the cherries beforehand helps prevent children from choking on them.

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