7 Best Bread Boxes to Keep Bread Fresh at Home

Bread is a staple for many families around the world. Whatever the climate, keeping bread fresh can be challenging, and unless you finish a loaf immediately after buying or baking, it will never taste quite as fresh the following day as a freshly baked loaf.

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Best bread box to keep bread fresh

To avoid stale bread and prolong its shelf life it must be stored correctly, and although it might sound old-fashioned and outdated, a bread box is the perfect solution. These days vintage models as well as more modern and sleek bread boxes are available for any kitchen style. It is very important to choose a box that helps balance moisture and air flow thus ensuring the perfect storage environment to retain soft and tasty bread. 

List of best bread boxes

Things to consider before buying the best bread boxes


As with all kitchen appliances and tools, size matters. A bigger family will need a large bread box to accommodate everyone. Besides family size it is also important to determine available space, and whether a free-standing kitchen counter model is required or if it will be placed in a cupboard. 


Bread boxes are available in stainless steel, wood, ceramic, and metal. Depending on the climate you live in, ceramic is recommended for dry places whereas wood or bamboo are beautiful but might absorb mold more easily in warmer climates if not treated beforehand. If looking for something more durable and modern, then stainless steel and metal models are a more suitable choice.


The models with roll-up lids always transport us back to the past when there seemed to be only one kind of design available. Nowadays there are models with hinges or just a simple lid, and even cutting board styles. The most important factor though, whichever design chosen is that the box keeps the bread fresh for longer.

Overview of best bread boxes

Most popular – Home-it Stainless Steel Bread Box

This classic model with a swing down or roll-top door provides a cool and dark place to keep baked goods fresh for longer, and if you are looking for a bread box with a large capacity then this is ideal as it easily fits two loaves of bread and some other baked items. The model is on the lighter side  so requires care since it is not the sturdiest model. If choosing to store on the kitchen counter, it has a plastic bezel that protects against wear and tear. Vents allowl air circulation and cleaning is easy with a damp cloth. 

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Best stainless steel – Brabantia Roll Top Bread Box

This is a similar model as the Home-It bread box with a large internal capacity and room for up to two loaves of bread. However, this brand is sturdier and will last a lifetime, consequently it comes with a higher price tag. It’s available in three colours; fresh white, matte black and pine green.

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Best wooden – Laura’s Green Kitchen Large Wood Bread Box with Clear Front Window

This multi-level designed bread box is made of engineered bamboo and can hold more than 2 loaves of bread, plus rolls, muffins and more, and it doesn’t take up a lot of counter space. We like the transparent acrylic glass window and the magnetic door that securely locks to protect the bread from pets. This bread box needs to be assembled but it only takes 10 minutes, and it comes with extra hardware and a screwdriver. 

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Best bamboo – ETMI Bamboo Bread Box for Kitchen Counter-Large Capacity

If you prefer 100% natural bamboo, then this model is a good choice. There are multiple holes on the back to allow perfect air circulation to retain the freshness of the bread and prevent mould. This flat-top design is large, and models are stackable, so they are great space savers and ensure an organised kitchen. The box can also be used to store other items such as spices. The door of this box is not completely transparent but opaque and is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Best ceramic – 3-D Sunflower Ceramc Bread Box

Ceramic can easily break and doesn’t allow air to flow as well as other materials, but it does have a vintage look, and as these are hand painted it’s an individual choice. A plus point is that ceramic doesn’t absorb odours and bread will really stay fresh. This is only a small model and can hold a small loaf or only a few muffins or buns.

Best enamel – Creative Co-Op Farmhouse Enameled Metal Bread Box

Another vintage-inspired model is this metal bread box, available in 3 colours (white, blue and grey) and made from steel with an enamel food safe coating. The lid closes securely for a dark environment. It is recommended to hand wash only and dry immediately to keep the box looking its best.

Best for sandwich bread – Buddeez Sandwich Size Bread Buddy Dispenser

This bread container is especially made to one sandwich bread loaf and is often used alongside other kitchen storage containers. After placing the bag of sandwich bread inside the Bread Buddy, simply fold the excess bag or wrapper over the outer edge of the container. Pull down on the outside part of the bag to raise the bread loaf inside, one slice at a time. Replace the bread bin lid with your bread pulled to the top to ensure maximum freshness. This model can be stored upright which makes it a great space-saving container on the kitchen counter or in the pantry. It can easily be taken on picnics or trips.

Highlights of the best bread boxes available

Don’t you just hate it when you pay for a nice loaf of bread, then, when you want to use it in a day or so, it is already stale or maybe covered in specs of mold? It’s particularly worse during the summer when it is hot and humid outside.

Really, the best way to keep your loaf of bread fresh is to store it in a proper container made for that purpose. And, luckily, there are all kinds of styles, sizes, and materials for you to choose from!

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