5 Best Belgian Waffle Makers

Who doesn’t like classic Belgian waffles? When we were young, waffles were synonymous with special occasions or extended Sunday breakfasts! 

best waffle makers

However you like your waffles, besides making a good batter, you will need a waffle maker or waffle iron to make them fluffy and crispy. We are of the opinion that a Belgian waffle should be rectangular or square, but nowadays, waffle makers come in all forms and shapes with round waffles becoming increasingly popular over the past few years.

Some appliances are only made for waffles and these have deeper pockets, but some models have interchangeable plates and are multi-functional. There are plenty of choices available for a Belgian waffle maker and our selection will help your decision making.

List of best Belgian waffle makers

Things to consider before buying 

Settings and features

Some waffle makers have several settings. The most important is an indicator to inform when the waffle iron is hot and ready to cook. Another is a variable browning adjuster for choosing the colouring of the waffles. Some machines have a digital timer to adjust cooking times and temperatures or a texture setting, which to us, are not essential features. Remember, preparing a good batter is an essential part for making good waffles!

Ease of cleaning

When the waffle iron is used correctly, there shouldn’t be much to clean, but for beginner waffle makers, it is important to have a non-stick coating on the plates. These will make it difficult for the waffle to stick and very easy to clean with a damp cloth. Many models have removable plates that fit in the dishwasher.  


A waffle maker is unlikely to be kept on the countertop so storage should be considered. Single waffle makers can often be stored vertically and won’t take up too much space. 

Overview of best Belgian waffle makers

Most popular – DASH No-Drip Belgian Waffle Maker

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This appliance comes without ‘whistles and bells’. Simply plug it in and it heats up quickly. Dual non-stick heating plates cook the waffles evenly and consistently. Built-in pocket sides catch overflowing batter making it easy to clean. The anti-slip feet keep the waffle maker in place on any countertop and this small size device is easy to store. You can even make paninis and hash browns with this model and recipes are provided in a recipe book which is delivered with the machine.

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Best overall – All-Clad 2100046968 99010GT Stainless Steel Belgian Waffle Maker 

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This is the most expensive waffle maker on the list, but if you make waffles often, this machine will not disappoint. There are 7 adjustable levels to ensure the waffles cook evenly and consistently. An automatic alert conveys when to pour batter or when a waffle is done. The pockets are deep but no grease is needed to bake the waffles. This waffle maker is heavier than the others on the list but surelyis sturdy and efficient for daily use.

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Best budget – Hamilton Beach Belgian Mini Waffle Maker with Shade Control

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As with many appliances, Hamilton Beach is known to deliver good quality at great prices. Lights on top of the waffle maker indicate when the power is on and when the machine is hot enough to start cooking. There is a browning shade selector to cook the waffles exactly the way you like them on the non-stick grids that make two 4-inch square waffles with deep pockets. After use, the lid locks for compact, upright storage in a cupboard or pantry.

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Best double – Cuisinart Maker Waffle-Iron, Double, Stainless Steel

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If you have a big family or run a waffle house, this double waffle maker is just perfect. With 1400-watts this rotating waffle maker heats up quickly and evenly bakes two Belgian waffles at one time with extra-deep waffle pockets. It takes a bit of practice to find the required heat though. The rotary feature makes it easy to handle and a 6-setting browning control helps cook waffles to your preference. This machine is easy to clean even if some of the batter spills. 

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Best multi-functional – BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Waffle Maker with Non-stick Reversible Plates

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Besides making waffles, this machine with adjustable temperature controls has easy reversible plates and also toasts sandwiches and fries eggs and bacon. The unique hinge doubles the available cooking area, making it a large, flat griddle surface. The removable non-stick grill plates are not suitable for the dishwasher but still easy to clean. This appliance also has stay-cool black handles and stands upright for compact storage.

7 Benefits of a waffle iron with removable plates

As you’ve seen from the above selection of best Belgian waffle irons, there are many to choose from. And that’s great because waffles are one of those foods that are really fun. They can be eaten sweet or savoury and in so many different ways. Plus, they can be breakfast, supper, dessert, snack, and even for parties!

Nowadays, you have a choice to get detachable plates. If you are making waffles at home, this may be a convenient option for you. Here are seven reasons to choose a waffle iron with removable plates.

  1. Easy cleaning – This is probably one of the biggest reasons to want plates that can be removed from the unit. Batter and crispy bits might be attached to the plates, and it is so much easier to wipe them down and shake them out when you can remove them.
  2. Safety – Any appliance or kitchen gadget that is powered by electricity will have components that cannot be soaked with water while cleaning. Plus, the cord can get in the way and create a problem.
  3. Versatility – Some models come with different plates so that you can switch them out to make paninis, fried potatoes, fun pizzelles, and grilled cheese sandwiches. These units are a real bonus if your family likes these types of food.
  4. Non-stick surface – The non-stick feature is not only good for cleaning, but also for cooking. The waffles shouldn’t stick to the plates, and you use less oil or even no oil with this feature.
  5. Economical – Many waffle irons with removable plates can be used for various foods. You don’t always have to have special plates for each item you make. You can use the same griddle for all.
  6. Even cooking – Many models with detachable plates have a consistent heat distribution, so that you don’t have to worry about one area being burnt and another part of your waffle too light in colour.
  7. Durability – You’ll find that there is less damage to your unit because you are not banging it around to clean up the area where the batter is. In the long run, you will save money because your unit lasts longer.

Indeed, a waffle iron with removable plates can be a valuable investment. They are no longer considered luxuries, but mainstream kitchen appliances.

Highlights of the Best Belgian Waffle Maker

There is nothing more delightful than biting into a crunchy, golden waffle with deep pockets, brimming with fresh berries and whipped cream, or maybe a dollop of vanilla ice cream drenched in authentic maple syrup. Whatever your fancy, you’re assured of a wonderful eating experience!

But before you start creating your waffle meal, you should think about the best Belgian waffle maker to get the most out of the experience. Ultimately, the one that meets your specific requirements, whether that be catering to a large group, maximizing space, or utilizing the most advanced tech available is the one you will choose.

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