7 Best Cookbooks for Kids

Article updated 17/12/2023

We learned to cook from our mums as there were no cookbooks for kids, and we didn’t have the huge variety of cooking programs shown today on television.

cookbooks for kids

Times have changed and, although we still believe learning with family is still the best start, there are some great cookbooks available for your kids with fun and safe recipes which will enable them to get involved in more advanced cookery.

You may be starting to dream of having dinner served by the kids…wouldn’t life be great? Whether your children need a lot of help or not, cooking together is the perfect way to spend some quality time whilst they learn new skills. These cookbooks for kids not only come with fun recipes but also great advice if you are not yet used to having your kids help while cooking.

There are many cookbooks available for kids and we have selected a few we think work best. A few are real classics and some are newer but surely accessible for kids of all ages.

Best all round: The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs

This book has it all, the basic, but important food education, comes with tips and over 100 easy to make step by step recipes. It is almost a cooking school in a book which works for young kids to teens. There are 3 levels of recipes, all with clear guidelines, that have been tested by kids. Illustrations and beautiful pictures are scattered throughout the pages to make a lively and attractive book.  

Best for baking: The Complete Baking Book for Young Chefs

The perfect gift for little pastry chefs! In this book, they make baking accessible for kids while valuing the process, curiosity, and practicality. Similar as in The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs; the recipes come with clearly written instructions, plenty of extra information and pictures to explain the steps.

Biggest inspiration: The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

If your kids love Harry Potter, this book will surely inspire them to get in the kitchen. There are no fancy pictures and the recipes are not the easiest, but with this unofficial Harry Potter cookbook, your kids can make Harry’s favourite dessert treacle tart along with other magical recipes from this world of wizardry.

Best cooking for the youngest: Kid Chef Junior, my first kids’ cookbook

There are only a few good cookbooks with fun recipes for the youngest chefs. This one is different and kids as young as four can start exploring cooking with these 25 recipes! Essential skills are well explained and will get your kids used to chopping and cooking on the stove. 

Best baking for the youngest: Let’s bake with Lucy

Every child can start to “Bake with Lucy”. This book with attractive, colourful artwork is more of a story telling book for the youngest bakers.  With only 4 recipes, we still find it a great book that will encourage your kids to want to make muffins, biscuits, sausage rolls and jam tarts. Throughout the playful designs there are clear ingredient lists and easy step-by-step instructions with lots of praise at the end. 

Best vegetarian: The Forest Feast for Kids

Besides being an all vegetarian recipe cookbook for kids, this book is also the most beautifully illustrated. This charming book is sure to make vegetables more appealing for kids. There are easy-to-follow instructions on techniques, measurements, and other helpful kitchen aids plus ideas for kids’ parties!

Best to learn about fresh products: Eating the Alphabet

This appetizing alphabet book is not really a cookbook but we don’t want you to miss out as it will help to educate kids about different fruits and vegetables and will inspire them to want to try unfamiliar ones. There are a wide range of fruits and vegetables in the book including kohlrabi and other lesser known foods. The artwork and the bright, bold colours make everything look appetizing.

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